NJP Statement on the Darrell Brooks Verdict


From the National Justice Party.

Yesterday Darrell Brooks, the Black terrorist who murdered 6 and injured 61 at a Christmas parade in Waukesha Wisconsin on Nov. 21, 2021, was found guilty in a Waukesha Court of 76 charges. The charges included six counts of first degree intentional murder, 61 counts of recklessly endangering safety, six counts of hit and run, two counts of bail-jumping and one count of battery. No hate crimes were included among the charges despite Brooks’s long social media history of making anti-White statements and threats.

The refusal of Waukesha District Attorney Sue Opper or the Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul to bring hate crimes charges against the self-described anti-White terrorist further victimized those who suffered in his murderous rampage by denying them the truth of why they were attacked. This case further proves that hate crime statutes are fundamentally biased and are intended by the state to only be used against one race, White people.

The day after the attack, the National Justice Party’s own Joseph Jordan reported on Brooks’ documented history of anti-White statements, rap lyrics and social media postings. The information in Jordan’s report was picked up by the New York Post and several other national news outlets. Initially Republican officials from the local GOP chair all the way to presumed 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis agreed that this was a hate crime.

The NJP was the only group to publicly protest this attack and the state’s handling of the case. Our first protest, one week after the attack, called attention to Brooks’ racial motives and demanded that hate crimes charges be brought against him.

The NJP teamed up with Media2rise to create a documentary, Terror In Waukesha, about the attack. The film went into detail about Brooks’ history and motives. In a jailhouse interview with Brooks himself, the killer admitted that the media’s cover story that he was fleeing a knife fight was false. The court case further proved that the knife fight story was pure fiction, and that prior to the attack Brooks slapped his girlfriend, causing her to flee his car.

The documentary also featured an interview with Waukesha county GOP chair Terry Dittrich in which he acknowledged Brooks’ racial motives, only to contradict himself and disavow his own statements when confronted by the liberal media months later.

The NJP returned to Waukesha on Oct. 7, 2022, one week into the trial, to show the citizens of Waukesha and the rest of the country the clear evidence of Brooks’ racial motives and to ask why DA Sue Opper and assistant DA Zachary Wittchow were covering up the evidence.

The NJP also protested outside the Milwaukee office of Gregory J. Haanstad, the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, to demand that he file federal hate crime charges against Brooks.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of Brooks’ racial motives and the initial admissions by political figures that they were aware of his history of threats and statements against White people, this information was conspicuously omitted from the prosecution’s case against Brooks. Instead Sue Opper claimed she had no idea what motivated Brooks to plow through several blocks of the annual Waukesha Christmas parade in his red SUV, killing six White people, including 8-year-old Jackson Sparks, and wounding and maiming more than 60 others.

In refusing to make Brooks’ racial animus an element of the case, the prosecutors and state are complicit with the mainstream media in covering up the rising rate of explicit anti-White violence in America. They tacitly admit that anti-Whiteness is state policy.

The National Justice Party is pleased that Brooks was convicted on all 76 counts in the anti-White parade attack, but this outcome was never seriously in doubt. Prosecutors laid out the ample and obvious evidence of Brooks’ guilt, while Brooks, who defended himself, spent three weeks obstructing the court, clumsily repeating crank sovereign citizen arguments, abusing the timid judge Jennifer Dorrow, and calling defense witnesses who testified to his guilt.

Zachary Wittchow undercut the testimony of the state’s own police witnesses when he argued in his opening statement that Brooks’ motive was escape. Every police officer at the scene testified that they tried to wave Brooks off the parade route. It is also absurd to claim that escape is the motive of someone who drives directly towards a parade route with police barricades and police cruisers flashing their lights.

Wittchow’s opening statement was contradicted by his boss Sue Opper in her closing statement in which she said “I don’t know why he did this folks… I don’t know why…” This can only be seen as a brazen lie by the DA given the widely published evidence of Brooks’ racial animus and the fact that many people directly reported this information to the police and the DA’s office.

Brooks clearly stated his motive in multiple social media posts and his rap lyrics, which included calls to violence against White people and especially older White people. Five of Brooks’ victims were White senior citizens.

The trial itself was a disgrace. If allowing a non-White terrorist to insult and abuse the court, the judge, the witnesses and his own surviving victims for three weeks is necessary to preserve the system and prevent an appeal, the system is broken.

The lack of hate crimes charges for Brooks is even more outrageous given that Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul has announced that he is actively soliciting the public for hate crimes to prosecute, yet he refuses to even investigate Brooks.

Kaul is seeking a double digit increase in his office’s budget in part to fund a 24-hour “hate crime hotline” so that the state can prosecute more hate crimes.

“We are not able to effectively combat crime if crimes go unreported,” Kaul said. “One area of underreporting includes hate crimes.”‘

At a time when the state is fishing for hate crimes to charge, they still refuse to bring such charges against Brooks despite glaring and obvious evidence of his racial animus, proving yet again the fundamental anti-White bias of the state.

Darrell Brooks can still be charged with hate crimes. Hate crimes charges are separate and do not constitute double jeopardy. A guilty verdict for the intentional murder of White people solely for their race is not enough.

Brooks must be charged for his racial attack or else such hate crimes statutes and enhancers must be abolished.

Point two in our platform states “We demand the extension of the 1964 Civil Rights act to provide equal protections and privileges to the White majority, or the act must be repealed.”

This demand logically extends to hate crime statutes. By refusing to apply these laws equally, the system is admitting that hate crime statutes exist explicitly as tools to oppress White people. If the races were reversed, this trial would have been international headlines for months, Brooks would have been federally charged with hate crimes and terrorism, and he would be facing the death penalty.

This situation is intolerable. White people in America are living under a system that actively seeks to frame them for hate crimes, while covering up the motives of those that commit racial violence against them. The National Justice Party’s mission is to expose this vicious double standard and hold those that perpetuate it accountable.