Liz Truss is a two bag job


When I look at Liz Truss, the only thing that goes through my mind is would I have liked to shag her when we were both younger? She’s got big tits and a fat arse on an hour glass figure, but her face leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe with a bag over her head. Now she’s older she’s probably a two bagger, that is, whoever was shagging her would need to put a bag over their own head just in case hers fell off in the act.

Is that coarse? A bit too uncouth for a Christian man?


But giving women in politics marks out of ten (I’d give her one! Nod nod, wink wink, know what I mean, know what I mean?) for their looks is about all female politicians are good for. As for the men in politics, there only seems to be race traitors and foreign invaders doing all they can to destroy Western Civilisation.

My country of birth has fallen. My adopted country is not far behind. There is no way back from here. The least the Globalists could do is put all the Niggers and Packies into top bureaucrat rolls instead of fake political leadership rolls. If the British Parliament is to be a sham, at least let it be a good looking sham. Let it be filled with Miss World contestants. There will be diversity enough for everyone. They can spout their platitudes about world peace and all us disenfranchised White men can at least look at a nice pair of tits and ass whilst our civilisation crumbles around us.

And to those who think this is a horribly offensive post, you’re right. It’s as offensive as I can come up with. But it still doesn’t feel like I’ve come close to mirroring the offensiveness of Western democracy at the moment. My lashing out in filth cannot purge even a fraction of the filth that had been imposed upon me by the Governments of the Western world.

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