Daniel Andrews is anti-Christian

XYZ News understands that Daniel Andrews is still waiting for the wind to change direction.

Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination.

Leviticus 18:22

The Bible is clear and unambiguous. Contradict this passage and you contradict God’s Law.

In the days since Andrew Thornburn was pushed out of his position as Essendon CEO, a political storm has raged as political, religious and business leaders either contradicted God’s Law or weakly pled for “tolerance” from the intolerant left.

It worth examining several statements of Daniel Andrews on the matter, as he is the ruler of the state and used Covid as a pretext to brutally cement his position. Let’s look at a statement he made responding to criticism from other Christians:

Mr Andrews on Wednesday said he had “no sympathy” for former NAB chief executive Andrew Thorburn, ejected from Essendon over his links to a controversial church, because of “rampant homophobia”.

“I’m a Catholic. I send my kids to Catholic schools. My faith is important to me and guides me every day,” Mr Andrews said on Thursday.

“It also guides me in my sense of what is right and wrong, and if I can just say, with utmost respect, calling out homophobia is not the problem. Homophobia is the problem.”

No. Sin is the problem.

Here Daniel Andrews contradicts the Word of God. Given his position of influence and immense power, and his claim to be a Catholic, his statement is profoundly anti-Christian.

“For me, that’s my Catholicism. That’s my faith,” he said.

You don’t get to pick and choose which of God’s Laws you follow. There aren’t several billion versions of Christianity, only one.

It is also worth examining Andrews’ response to criticism from Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy, who signalled to Christians by using the private company defence, while making it clear he considered Thornbury and the Light on the Hill church to have engaged in so-called “hatespeech”:

“I don’t think anyone at all would endorse any kind of hate speech or any kind of division that’s being promoted, whether it’s in a religious organisation or anything else, but I do think football clubs can go and manage their own affairs without intervention from politicians telling them how to do their job,” he said.

“We’ve got laws in place in the state to protect everyone from hate speech and intolerance, and that’s a good thing.

“But at the end of the day, who organisations external of government hire and fire, is up to them, and I just don’t see why politicians, particularly the Premier, have to be an overlord, a commentator on everybody else’s organisation when they run properly their own.”

Perhaps (((Guy))) hoped Christians wouldn’t actually read what he said. Regardless it allowed Andrews to easily brush off the criticism, but his response reveals just how dangerous his anti-Christian outlook and policy agenda really is:

“Who the CEO of Essendon Football Club is a matter for the board of the Essendon Football Club,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday.

“I was asked a question and I answered it.

“People can get all upset about the fact that someone resigned. I’m much more focused on the fact that people are harming themselves and, sometimes, taking their own lives because of bigotry and prejudice.”

The statistics which show increased rates of mental illness, domestic abuse, drug use, self harm and suicide among reprobates and “transgendered” people are so off the charts that even as skilled an obfuscator as Daniel Andrews cannot deny the evidence.

Instead he judo flips the evidence, claiming that mutilated freaks are so crazy because we don’t tolerate them enough. What this signals is an escalation of homosexual and transgender propaganda, and we all know this will primarily be directed at children.

That is about as anti-Christian as it gets.

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