Stunning and Brave Female African Footballer Carjacked by Stunning and Brave African Gangs on Live Radio


Diversity is our strength. Women’s soccer must become diverse. Diversity will be resented for its role in enriching women’s soccer, but without diversity, women’s soccer will not survive:

Former Matilda Elissia Carnavas was the victim of a hijacking attempt live on radio in a scene Simon Hill described as “one of the most bizarre moments” of his broadcasting career and a “very, very scary” incident.

Carnavas was speaking to Hill and Sydney FC legend Alex Brosque on SEN’s The Global Game on Thursday night when mid-conversation, she began screaming as the line dropped out.

Listeners were left in horror as to what was happening, as Hill was left stunned at what had transpired.

“I have no idea what’s gone on there. I really hope Elissia is OK,” Hill said.

“That’s a very scary moment that’s just happened live on air.

“I don’t know what to say. I heard screaming in the background, and that’s quite terrifying.”

However, a statement from SEN on Twitter quickly cleared things up.

Carjackings by African Gangs in Australian cities are now so common that whenever they occur on live radio, it is standard practice to just clear things up with a quick social media post.

“To all who heard @elissiacar on-air, she is okay,” SEN said.

“A scary situation which she has managed to get herself out of. We thank everyone for their concern.”

Hill spoke later on the show to further explain the “very, very scary situation”.

“Well that unfortunately was where we had to leave that interview with Elissia Carnavas,” Hill said.

“A quite extraordinary incident as hijackers tried to break into her car. You’ll be delighted to hear that Elissia got away from that situation and that she is thankfully OK.

“One of the most bizarre moments of my broadcasting career and one that was very, very scary indeed.

“However, it’s ended OK, Elissia is alright and we look forward to speaking to her on the show next week.”

The 37-year-old is the first known woman of African heritage to represent an Australian national football team, as the South African-born defender played for the Young Matildas in 2001 against Singapore.

While the lying press is keen to celebrate Elissia’s diversity, the police and lying press are doing everything they can to downplay the diversity of the carjackers:

It was later revealed her vehicle had been surrounded by a group in the Brisbane suburb of Coorparoo.

Carnavas said she went into “flight or fight” mode, driving off when one of the group allegedly produced a knife.

Carnavas said she will continue to work with police following the “scary incident”.

“A lot of investigation still happening, so just trying to work with the police on a lot of different matters with that as well,” she said, explaining she had pulled over a couple of blocks from home to avoid waking up her children.

“I didn’t ever think in my own, I guess, neighbourhood that something like that would be a risk or a dangerous thing to do.

“It’s not something you consider. It’s your comfort place, comfort zone, in your own car.

“It’s been a bit of a whirlwind.”

Her comments come as Queensland Police this morning confirmed they had charged a 14-year-old boy in relation to the alleged attempted armed robbery.

“At approximately 8pm last night detectives located a teenage boy at a Goodna address where he was arrested without incident,” police said.

“The 14-year-old boy has been charged with multiple offences, including three counts of armed robbery, two counts of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, and one count each of burglary and attempted enter dwelling with intent.”

He is expected to appear in the Brisbane Children’s Court.

Let’s unpack the subtext:

  • Elissia Carnavas is a female African soccer player and is thus celebrated by the lying press.
  • It is only due to her elevated status in the politically correct card deck that she is deemed worthy of an interview in the first place.
  • A wave of carjackings is sweeping Australian cities due primarily to African Gangs.
  • Africans are statistically more likely to commit crime than Australians.
  • In general the police, lying press and political establishment refuse to acknowledge this.
  • By stunning coincidence, this female African soccer player whom the lying press go out of their way to elevate gets carjacked by African Gangs on live radio, whose crimewave the lying press does everything it can to cover up.

This goes deeper. One lying press outlet noted a little too much:

She was instrumental in the 2021 independent review of the Matildas team after allegations of bullying, intimidation and inappropriate behaviour towards certain members of the side.

The lying press did everything they could to cover up the details of the abuse of female soccer players. Basically, lesbians were sexually abusing other players:

Matildas great Lisa De Vanna has alleged she suffered same-sex sexual harassment, abuse and bullying during her decorated 150-game international career between 2001 and 2019.

Former W-League stalwart Rhali Dobson also alleged she was a target of sexual harassment in her career.

Note that even the article from which I have cut and pasted refers to the abuse by lesbians as “allegations” and instead focuses on so-called “abuse” on social media after the allegations were made public.

By contrast, the lying press is doing everything it can to frame the revelations of cult like abuse at the Hawthorn Football Club as a racial issue. In last week’s XYZ Live we noted:

  • It is highly likely that this abuse was directed at multiple players regardless of race.
  • It is likely that the only reason these allegations came to light was because they were made by aboriginals, and thus fit the narrative of “racism”.

To bring this back to Elissia, despite the “stunning and brave” jokes there is no schadenfreude involved in any of this. The point is that we live in an inverted world. The same Liberalism which brought Elissia to Australia and elevated her status over Anglo Australians due to her outsider identity, is the same Liberalism which endangers her safety by promoting and protecting homosexuals and africans – both of which are demographics more likely to be abusers or criminals.

Our society has become obsessed with “safety” yet because we cannot address identity and crime and abuse statistics frankly, Australia will only become more dangerous. Elissia Carnavas has a home – Africa. She would be happier and safer there.

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