Watcha gonna do when they come for you?


In response to the guest writer’s article “Is it time to turn our backs” I posted on my Telegram Page that though I am indeed in the process of separating myself from the system, I am under no illusions that doing so is a solution to the current reign of tyranny. 

Someone responded on my page by posting a snap shot of a conversation they had had on another platform, basically saying that the Cabal have been planning all of this for decades. They knew there would be protests and they prepared accordingly. They knew of voter backlash, so they rig elections and dictate to media accordingly. Why would you think they won’t have planned for people opting out of the system too? Of course they have. 

The bad news I have for you is that you can’t escape what is coming. They will follow you wherever you go. Total world domination is their goal and they won’t stop until they have achieved it, or until they are all dead. 

So the purpose of walking away from the system is not to defeat them. Home schools and personal farms are great and I highly encourage you to get started on both now. Communities are important and barter systems will help you live peacefully for longer. 

At the end of the day though, they will come for you. They will pass laws against home schooling. They will come and kill your chickens under the pretext of bird flu and your cattle because of foot and mouth disease or swine flu. They will accuse you of being an unfit parent if you don’t inject them with poison and come to take them away from you. And as for you yourself, well, they’re not building quara… concentration camps for nothing. 

So the point of building community and separating from the system is because what you’re really doing is choosing your ground. You are making them come to you. You are not breaking into parliament, they are breaking into your home. The TV can’t show your neighbours pictures of you destroying civilisation. Instead they will see live and in person, two dozen armed thugs surround your house and gun you down. If you’re lucky one or two of those thugs will leave your house the same way you do. In a body bag. Then only 22 will show up to your friend’s house the next day, all a little less enthusiastic than they were the day before and all slightly more worried about the changing sentiment of the target’s neighbours. 

With the grace of God it will be a while before this comes to pass. With the grace of God our sacrifice when the time comes, will quickly do what elections and protests could not. Even though they have planned for this as well, it has a much higher chance of failure for them than rigging elections and arresting protestors. 

So, yes, separate yourself from the Beast system. Build community. Love thy neighbour Be the most peaceful, helpful and friendly neighbour on your street. Speak truth when the opportunity presents itself, but don’t preach or try and persuade. Plant seeds and prepare the ground well beforehand. Obey all reasonable laws and don’t be a troublemaker. But always be ready for the day when the globohomo mercenaries leave you nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide. It is unlikely most of us will survive, but for those who do: once the fight begins; never stop, never surrender. Once they have come to kill you in your home, take the battle to them, anywhere they or their lackeys are. Give no quarter until your brothers are completely avenged and this evil is completely purged from the world.

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