The real smoking ceremony that Australia needs to see


Via the always on target Father Z comes a deeply disturbing report and an even more horrifying video of the opening mass for the second assembly of the 5th plenary council of Australia, capitals be damned. I strongly urge all Catholics to watch the seven minutes of the video from the ten minute mark. It is a complete disgrace and heretical on multiple levels, and it goes to show just how far Australia has fallen into the pit of self loathing and the worship of false idols.

But not only Catholics should watch this but all those who have some vested interest in what is happening right now in their nations. What we are witness to is a strategic demonic attack in the form of pagan worship that has infiltrated into the Church and has now been entirely accepted by the Church leadership and laity alike. It is endemic of the same wider assault on Western civilization, not only in Australia, but also in other countries such as New Zealand and Canada.


That we have pagan ceremonies taking place in a Catholic Church is entirely heretical. You shall have no other gods before me. The number of spirits that are intoned in the opening monologues on the video number close to a score.

The invocation of spirits is and always has been strictly forbidden by the whole Christian church.

The clearest early manifestation of this prohibition is found in the Bible, in the First Book of Samuel, where King Saul secretly consults a witch at Endor, having previously forbidden his subjects to engage in any form of necromancy. This deceit on Saul’s part leads to his own downfall and suicide. Such a practice has always been regarded, in both Judaism and Christianity, as an insult to God. [And it can result in nasty outcomes like possession by demons.]

We have to suffer not just one but three women who utter their inanities in these first seven minutes, (and if we include the moronic maniac waving around her hands for any hard of hearing who might have been so unfortunate as to watch this drivel then we can put it as four women in total).

As far as I know from a rather well regarded book known as the Bible, women have no place having their heads uncovered in Church, let alone speaking, let alone presuming to give direction, let alone invoking the worship of foul spirits who are antithetical to God. But here we are. We are cursed to have women rule over us, and we get the cowardly priests that we deserve who bend their supple spines in pliant subjugation to the worldly spirits of our modern times.

The first woman makes a very big point of the difference between us and them. We are the invaders, the ones who brought Christianity; you know, the entire reason that everyone is in the building to begin with. Whereas they are the original inhabitants of the land who somehow now possess a spiritual and cultural significance that is for the moment equal to, but in the near future will no doubt override Christianity.

Blasphemy. Blasphemy and heresy in equal measure, with not a single protest from those present. On the contrary, when the second pair of women get up to read off their banal utterances to the “spirits of the land”, those present kneel down to touch the ground in earnest acquiescence of those same spirits with whom they are so deeply desirous to form an unholy relationship. I had to watch it twice to really comprehend to what I had been witness.

The Catholic Church in Australia has been reduced to begging soot-encrusted natives for permission to exist. This grubby behavior is not worthy of their fellow Australians, let alone of God. But here we are, in our brave new world of one homogeneous religion which the Globalists so keenly desire for their future world of a select few hardily serviced by the undesirable underlings who will toil and suffer with a few meaningless platitudes from their sanitised religion for cold comfort.

But what am I saying? This is merely inclusivity, right? And diversity and anti-racism and any other of the host of bywords which they trot out on command to silence any objection to their miserable modern brand of socialism. This is what an occupation looks like. But we can’t give the abos credit for that. They are merely the useful tools which those in charge will gleefully exploit for as long as they remain useful for the cause, comrades. But as far as true Catholics are concerned, the only smoking ceremonies that we need in our churches are ones where big pyres are fueled with the bodies of the heathens that presently infest us as we do our very best to purify them before they go to meet their Maker. How close we are to that time, only God really knows. Hopefully, it’s just around the corner.

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