Conservatives? Cuckservatives


Eli Yockenthwaite

I watched the Tory leadership campaign debates on YouTube – well, somebody had to! I came away with one thought, are these people really the cream of the Conservative crop?

Why would any conservative support anything to do with the Conservative Party? It has betrayed every conservative tenet there is. These debates have been useful though. They’ve exposed just how unconservative Conservatives are. They’re as near as dammit liberals.

The TV shows were embarrassing pantomime. These Tory offerings are not what’s required. The mainstream media takes them seriously, but only out of self interest; they big up Pollyanna politicians as a way of justifying themselves.

The cringe was too much even for Conservative Party bigwigs, they didn’t like what they saw. And after two predictably infantile squabbles they pulled the plug.

Leading Conservatives were concerned that the debates showed the candidates ‘in a bad light’. The light was good enough to expose them. Even in the closely manicured environment of a television studio they couldn’t be made to look good. The camera doesn’t lie; they were unconvincing and out of their depth.

And yet there was more choice in this Conservative leadership contest than in any other. Eleven MPs announced they’d be contesting the vacant Conservative Leader/Prime Minister spot: four Asian men, two Jewish men, one Asian woman, one African woman, two British women and one British man. How the minorities must have laughed!

But then I had to laugh too. The Tories have approximately 255 ethnic Brit male MPs, and the best of the bunch was the unlikeable rat face Jeremy Hunt. Now that is funny.

That said Hunt at least had the courage to step up to the mark. The other 254 ethnic Brit male Tory MPs did what they do best, nothing. They kept their heads down. These people act for their constituents only when it’s safe to do so. Scum of the earth. Charlatans.

Whittling them down.

Weakest Link

The game worked like this. Eleven MPs let it be known they fancied themselves for the job of leader of the Conservative Party and in this instance, of Prime Minister too. But before nominations were declared three of that eleven dropped out. The remaining eight garnered sufficient support to be included in the first ballot of Conservative MPs which eliminated Brit Jeremy Hunt and Asian Nadhim Zahawi, both of whom failed to achieve the required minimum number of votes. This process was repeated until just two contestants(sic) remained, think of the quiz show The Weakest Link. Next to go was Indian Suella Bravermann, then Jewish Tom Tugendhat, followed by Nigerian Kemi Badenoch, which was a pity because I was looking forward to seeing a British PM sporting the ‘corn-row’ hairstyle. Next to go was Brit Penny Mordaunt who otherwise won on looks, leaving Indian Rishi(Richie) Sunak and Brit Liz Truss as the finalists.

Sunak and Truss now battle it out until September when the responsibility for choosing the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister falls on the Conservative membership, of whom there are about 200,000*.

It’s interesting that a poll of the Tory membership taken before the elimination process began had Defence Secretary Ben Wallace as the favourite, yet he didn’t enter the fray. Curious. The handlers don’t want what the people want. Remember Jeremy Corbyn? He was the people’s choice, most Labour MPs didn’t rest until he was out. Bankers’ stooge John Major talked about this recently, he wanted MPs to make the final choice. Major doesn’t trust the members to make the correct decision, not even when it’s a choice between two that the politicians have already chosen.

Conservative MPs want Sunak. This fawning over minorities is a clear indication of the Tories’ impotence. They’re hoping that by nailing their coloureds(sic) to the mast they’ll somehow become more relevant. Conservatives? Cuckservatives! I wonder if the Indians would tolerate having a Brit as their Prime Minister?

But what’s so good about Sunak, other than his minority status? The Tories clearly wanted him on board, that’s why he was parachuted into William Hague’s safe Yorkshire seat in Richmond. The question is, why? He doesn’t look the part, unless that is the Tories want us to be literally ruled by pygmies. Or perhaps they were attracted by his money – everybody knows that Conservatives calculate ‘national wealth’ by counting the number of billionaires living in the country. Maybe they’re daft enough to think Rishi’s brass will rub off, though the recent revelation that he and his wife are experts in tax avoidance may have disabused some of that idea.

The same can be asked of Liz Truss, what’s good about her? Granted she has a massive ego, but crucially it’s not matched by her abilities. She’s been promoted way beyond competence; a Foreign Secretary who doesn’t do geography. She’s anxious to poke her nose into the Ukraine conflict, but what does she know? Famously, she confused the Black Sea, which figures in the conflict, with the Baltic Sea which doesn’t. She was 500 miles out. It hardly inspires confidence. And then she rubbed the Russians up the wrong way by incorrectly claiming that some of their border towns are Ukrainian. Little wonder the Kremlin dismissed British diplomacy as “absolutely worthless”.

Globalists’ choice

But is this not a perfect result for the Tories? Eager to project all that is woke, it couldn’t have worked out better for them. A man, a woman, a foreigner, an ethnic Brit, a public schoolboy, a comprehensive schoolgirl, an economic right winger, a former liberal-democrat turned Conservative. It’s as if the whole thing was planned; a picture of perfect diversity.

And yet, for all that diversity, when it comes to the big picture, that is the globalist-nationalist dichotomy, the two are like peas in a pod. Both Truss and Sunak have the ‘politicians’ diploma‘, otherwise known as an Oxbridge PPE degree, and thus both have been well schooled in world government think. And of course, both are associates of the self-styled World Economic Forum. Well they would be wouldn’t they?

The question is more pertinent than ever: What is the Conservative Party for? Even its name is a lie.

People vote for the Conservative Party because it’s not the Labour Party; the vote is cast against rather than for. The logic is thus: We’d rather the Conservatives left our borders open than Labour. Where’s the sense?

The Conservative Party stands for nothing and no longer bothers to hide it. And its supporters seem too apathetic to care. How else could a Conservative government get away with such deeply anti-conservative actions?

The Conservative Party has ceased to be conservative. Is this not a massive opportunity for nationalists and nationalism?

*200,000 members of the Conservative Party? That amounts to about 0.3% of the population.

Originally published at Patriotic Alternative.