Glass in the Eye: The Smashing of the Overton Window


From Patriotic Alternative.

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The Overton Window, also known as the window of discourse, is the range of policies said to be politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time. It’s often said that the window is shifting in our direction, but I believe that since 2020 someone has lobbed a brick through it and the enemies inside now have glass in their eyes.

For me this began with the Scamdemic and the redrawing of battle lines but has been accelerated by the massive influx of freeloaders that have been spread across the country, into the safe shires of splendid isolation where those NIMBY Regime supporters are suddenly, curiously, unhappy. To punctuate these points, the growing hysteria of the Stop-Oil cases and the insanity of the trans-rights out-patients, are awakening many to the increasing psychological instability pervading society. These three issues have resulted in considerable political cross pollination between Nationalists, libertarians, anti-State populists, truthers, preppers, etc and a somewhat confluence of the Left and Right. Let’s take two case studies.

I’ve always enjoyed the intellectual stimulation of The New Culture Forum – even though I don’t fully share their perspectives. Not one for High Toryism, lusting after Empire or royalty, or any indication of reactionaryism, I nevertheless enjoyed their highbrow content which focussed on the issues of the day, regardless of their position. Now I enjoy it even more – especially now they are turning on the Tories.

The New Culture Forum pride themselves in:

“Having the deeper discussions mainstream media won’t provide.”

Founded in 2006, the NCF is one of Britain’s leading conservative think tanks. Our mission is to challenge the cultural orthodoxies dominant in our institutions, public life and wider culture.

Our goal is to provide what the MSM won’t: a platform for leading voices & experts from politics, culture, academia etc to engage in calm, constructive and enlightening discussions on the most critical issues of today.”

Laudable goals, but “conservative think tank” was always a barrier for me. In their early days, I would simply view their position as being just tiresome one-upmanship without radical solutions of “Right” against “Left” – whatever today these insipid terms mean in their irrelevance to the present discourse. It simply seemed to me a reaction for the sake of such. But now, after viewing their latest videos – especially these five – I am more than impressed. It seems the Tory-Boy vassals have finally turned on their overlord, and are joining force, pitchforks in hands, with the serfs in reclaiming the fiefdom.

Exposing Conservative Party hypocrisy

Let us start with renowned historian and somewhat-dissident, Dr. David Starkey, lamenting that, “There are NO Universal Human Rights. British Conservatism is Rooted in History NOT Religion.” David here took apart the inner-redundancies and inherent hypocrisies and contradictions of the Conservative Party, the State, and the Establishment. With visceral glowing glee, he condemned them all as not living up to the essence of conservatism that is rooted in a nation (remember, a nation is a people, not a country).

Second on the list (and please forgive my inadvertently advertising this insufferable host) is a scathing condemnation of conservatism reneging on promises to a working-class electorate who secured their majority seats and, as default for Tories, then proceeded to throw these workers under the bus.

More hard-hitting than these two is the short monologue and exposition by founder and director of The New Culture Forum, Peter Whittle. Here Peter descries the 1.2 million immigrants brought in by the Tories in 2022, stating that it is, “The greatest act of political betrayal in this country’s recent history.”

Going a little further in some respects – but still calling out ‘woke’ instead of ‘anti-White’ (as we do in PA) – Amy Gallagher goes a little further by calling out anti-Whites for claiming, “we need to be safe from the White gaze.” Well, as we all know, this safety we all welcome will ultimately be assured by their returning home. Then they will be free of Whites. Safe as houses.

In pure Tory tradition, we have a non-White speaking about Whites becoming a minority by 2050 – ten years earlier than the date proposed by Professor David Coleman. No matter, I have no problem with non-Whites speaking on our issues nor, indeed, attending events. The words and perspectives are more important than he who is voicing them. While I certainly do not agree with all that Rafe Heydel-Mankoo said, I certainly commend him for speaking up against the anti-White oppression we all now endure.

So there are five videos from the Right, smashing the Overton Window, but what say the ostensible Left? (I say ostensible because Galloway shirks that label on the basis that the modern Left have reneged on the workers, any care for Whites and their social justice, no longer call out capitalism and war.) Indeed, as Galloway rightly apportions the blame, in this must-see 6-minute clip from 9.48 – 15.48: “Weapons manufacturers, arms manufacturers, can paint rainbows onto their weapons and liberals cheer. Liberals cheer NATO because it claims to be fighting for LGBT+ rights. If you’re on the Left, you’re with NATO.”

Psychological collapse of society

Galloway’s monologue begins with him defending Dr. Kathleen Stock OBE after the latest hysteria by the freak-show of the mentally ill. For context, it should be noted that Kathleen is a lesbian, a feminist, and an activist on these issues. While in the past some of the old-Left would have accepted, even welcomed this, today that’s not enough. Now the policy narrative has shifted to transhumanism, transsexualism/self-mutilation, even bestiality… all with the support of the Regime; all making inroads to pure evil and the mass psychological collapse of society, making it impossible to discern right from wrong to the point of insanity, to open the door for paedophilia and any and all acts as ‘rights’ – apart from free speech and freedom of choice, of course.

Galloway goes on: “Believe it or not but there are serious people in this land who have threatened and mean, if they can, to kill Kathleen Stock for believing that a woman is a thing.” Now compare this point and the death threats to the points made above, especially the “…pure evil and the mass psychological collapse of society, making it impossible to discern right from wrong.” As soon as lie is taken as truth, as soon as unreality is accommodated as reality, we are inhuman: Broadmoor patients to be drugged up with policy, tortured by the narrative while too feeble to act in a straight jacket. Indeed, “I know that a woman is a thing, and it’s not a thing to be trifled with, where somebody with a swinging d*ck can define themselves as a woman and force and intellectually terrorise the rest of us into believing [he is]!”

So, what can we draw from all this? Well, according to Galloway: “I’ve had enough. I am going to spend every waking hour I have to resist and struggle against this ‘Californication’ [the degeneracy and false reality infesting us from America].” Quite a declaration. For my own part, I see that when there’s tangential alliance between influential High Tory types with a new organisation, and old-school socialists in weekly address to millions of viewers, the System has a huge problem. When both parties – along with an array of hundreds of other figures and groups speaking likewise – are in unison in attacking the present perverse policy narrative, NATO, Project Ukraine, immigration, and the latest ‘current thing’ then the range of policies said to be politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time will soon no longer be.

The real struggle

In closing, perhaps these ‘National Conservatives‘ are finally beginning to see that this Struggle is no longer “Right” versus “Left” but one of Regime Enjoyers versus Regime Destroyers. Perhaps also, conservatives like the New Culture Forum can see that the hell, oppression, injustice we Nationalists have endured for decades will soon come for them too as this Machine works overdrive as the State and the Establishment feels threatened. So too with Galloway, the terms Left and Right have faded into obscurity: it’s now a case only of right and wrong.

Because the System is, after the monumental madness of the Scamdemic and the colossal cock-up of Ukraine, now sensing its own demise: politically, socially, economically. In such an event, it will lash out at any and all divergent voices. It knows its narrative is a lie, but the lie must be perpetuated at all costs lest it has to confess and prove its guilt. It will not remove the glass from its eyes and enjoy optical clarity.

How we resist and protect from this depends on strength in numbers. Get involved for collective force or suffer alone, atomised, easily picked off in the hell awaiting us all.

Family, Folk, Future – Forward!

From Patriotic Alternative.