Vaccine Carnage: Pandemic Babies in ICU, Fertility drops 10% in Germany

Thank you for not aborting me, weird mask lady.

What the hell is going on?

Babies born in NSW are getting flu and Covid at the same time and are in ICU. The numbers are huge:

A concerning number of ‘pandemic babies’ with no immunity to respiratory viruses are ending up seriously ill in ICU.

Doctors have revealed children born during the Covid-19 pandemic are requiring intensive care ‘from encountering viruses they haven’t come across before’, such as influenza, RSV and Covid.

The children had been born and raised when there were virtually no other viruses circulating in Australia, other than Covid-19.

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead infectious diseases paediatrician Dr Philip Britton said an analysis of ICU admissions across shows babies are testing positive for influenza and Covid at the same time.

‘Over the last month or so, we have seen four times the admissions to hospital for flu in children as for Covid,’ Dr Britton told The Daily Telegraph.

Dr Britton said five per cent of the children presenting with co-infections were being admitted to ICU, a statistic he described as ‘very concerning’.

About half of the children had no pre-existing health conditions, with the elevated number of admissions putting pressure on the hospital system.

Some of the ‘pandemic babies’ are presenting with inflammation of the chest, brain and heart caused by influenza, Covid, and RSV.

What the actual f. And what is this RSV?

RSV – respiratory syncytial virus – is a major cause of lung infections in children and can lead to pneumonia or bronchiolitis, which is particularly dangerous in young infants.

Severe cases can kill babies and toddlers, whose tiny airways have not yet fully formed and who struggle to cope with the infection.

‘Among that group who are previously well … It’s not just a chest infection, some of these children can be impacted with the flu affecting the heart and the brain,’ Dr Britton told The Daily Telegraph.

A warning was sounded about RSV three weeks ago when there were just 355 cases a week in NSW, but three weeks later that has rocketed up to 3,775 in a week.

Around a fifth of those developed the potentially lethal bronchiolitis, with 40 per cent of them ending up in hospital.

Abortion may now be harder to access in America, but there is more than one way to commit industrial-scale ritual sacrifice of infants.

It is remarkable that the Lying Press is even talking about this, but they probably have to, as too many people would be talking about this so they have to try to misdirect us from the obvious culprit – the not-vaccine. Getting the Covid not-vaccine while pregnant is the new drinking alcohol while pregnant.

Combined with just a handful of other datasets from which we could choose, the evidence is damning. High profile sportsballers are suffering heart attacks at an alarming rate, indicative of an overall increase in heart attacks, particularly among boys and young men.

Mortality in Australia spiked by 20% in January 2020 and 17% in February.

Specifically regarding reproductive health, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of women have reported changes to their periods post vaccine rollout, and data from Germany indicates that fertility is down a whopping 10%.

The not-vaccine genocide is well and truly underway.

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