WHO TREATY: Scott Morrison Commits Treason Against Australia


For about a month the 2022 Australian federal election campaign has largely ignored any mention of the Covid Tyranny imposed on Australians during 2020-21. This week the elephant in the room crashed back to the forefront.

Here are the dot points:

  • The World Health Organisation is holding a vote to make its regulations mandatory.
  • Compulsory vaccination is on its agenda.
  • Scott Morrison has claimed that the WHO “should” have those powers.

That’s treason.

Caldron Pool has produced an excellent report on the matter:

During the upcoming World Health Assembly, set to take place in Geneva next week, from May 22 to 28, a vote will be taken to amend the International Health Orders (IHO).

If successful, the vote would make the World Health Organisation’s International Health Regulations mandatory for member nations, including the United Kingdom and Australia.

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts called it a “threat to all Australians,” warning that if the vote succeeds, our politicians will be handing power over Australia to the WHO in the event of a pandemic.

“IHO regulations are a comprehensive guidebook to implement even worse restrictions than Australia suffered through during COVID-19,” the Queensland Senator said.

“Measures specifically provided for in the regulations include lockdowns, hard borders around quarantine zones, vaccine passports, mandatory check-in and contact tracing, mandatory health tests, mandatory removal and quarantine.

“Even worse, compulsory vaccination is part of the International Health Regulations, and may now be forced on all Australians if this vote succeeds,” Roberts warned.

Compulsory vaccination is one of the key goals of the Covid Tyranny agenda. So far Western governments have stopped just short of this point, with the Austrian government suspending its compulsory vaccination laws, and legislation rejected by the German parliament.

What was intriguing about reporting on the matter from the Lying Press was that any mention of an historical precedent was strictly ignored.

Why is that?

Anyway, we can extrapolate that the WHO is preparing for round two, (or three, so to speak):

The Senator also noted that the WHO can declare a pandemic without justifying or even publishing their reasons, and the regulations will remain in place for as long as WHO decides they are necessary.

When asked if he was supportive of the treaty, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he has long been pushing for the WHO to have more power and authority internationally.

“I’ve always been supportive from the outset, and was criticized heavily — heavily, I stress, mocked, in fact, by the Labor Party — for saying the WHO should have those powers and those authorities to be able to go and deal with pandemic situations,” the Prime Minister said.

“I have been in the vanguard of those moves internationally to ensure there is greater protection for world health, to ensure that those World Health authorities can come and understand what’s going on and be able to assist countries to be able to prevent the spread and outbreak of major infectious diseases.”

All the talk of whether the government and opposition have fully articulated their polices or costed them via the Treasury are moot. For a rundown of their policy program, we merely need to visit the websites of the WHO, the WEF, the Open Society Foundation or basically any international institution that we never voted for.

Similarly, Scott Morrison committed Australia to so-called “net zero” “carbon emissions” directly against his mandate from the Australian people but at the behest of our so-called “allies”. This election is just for show. The government’s policies have already been drafted by foreigners and imposed on our puppet rulers.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese gave a non-answer when asked about the treaty. It is telling that the Lying Press is at least asking the question of both leaders – it’s something they would prefer to ignore, but too many normies are talking about it so they have to make it look like they are covering the story.

The treaty has gained international infamy:

“Once British ink is dry on the necessary paperwork, we and most of the rest of the billions living on planet earth will, in the event of another pandemic, take our instructions, not from politicians we actually voted for — and could, hypothetically, at least have the option of getting rid of — but from the unelected, faceless bureaucrats of the WHO.”

The situation is actually far worse. For all intents and purposes, all of this has already happened. We are already under World Government control.

From 2021-22, practically every nation on earth overrode the will of its own people to impose Covid Tyranny. Governments all over the world implemented practically the same policies, regardless of race, religion or region, regardless of whether they were left or right, democratic or authoritarian.

They did so at the behest of a tag team of international institutions such as the WHO and WEF, Big Pharma and with the coordinated support of the Lying Press and the medical industry.

All that is being planned by the WHO is a tightening of its regulations regarding what it has already imposed. Covid Tyranny is already mandatory. National leaders who opposed (((American))) vaccine manufacturers died mysteriously, while countries which defied WHO mandates found themselves with colour revolutions on their hands.

What is being signalled is thus that the rulers of this world are preparing for the “next pandemic”. Daniel Andrews has built the camps for the “next pandemic”. Bill Gates is telling everybody that the rest of the world should follow Australia’s example during the “next pandemic”.

They fully intend for there to be a “next pandemic”. The “next pandemic” will make 2020-21 look mild, and it will involve forced vaccination and forced relocation to death camps.

In the meantime, they’re preparing a period of engineered energy and food shortages to starve off untold millions and weaken the resolve of the survivors.

The Andrews government is tabling legislation which would allow it to destroy farmers’ produce, and especially the food grown by people who are aware of the coming Holodomor 2.0 and are preparing accordingly.

(You know it’s funny, why does my spell checker never recognise the word “Holodomor”?)

As indicated previously, in order to repel the coming onslaught we must work collectively.

And pray.

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