The Ghost of Emily & The Ghost of Delacroix: Book Review


It’s not often that I drop every single responsibility I have in life to binge read a book from start to finish. Less so when it’s two books of a trilogy together amounting to over 1000 pages. But to the exasperation of my long suffering wife from Wednesday afternoon to Friday evening, that’s what James Fox Higgins’s sci fi novels ‘The Ghost of Emily’ and ‘The Ghost of Delacroix’ induced in me. No food until dragged off my arse by my better half to eat. No sleep unless passing out with exhaustion. Just read. Nothing else matters but the book!

What a story!

Great fictional writers, like great songwriters, are just so rare. So when I find myself reading a really good story written well, I just don’t want to leave the world that the author has created until the book is done.

There is always a sense of trepidation reading something from someone you personally know. Like going to see your mate’s original songs band at the local pub. The fear of having to be careful of how you tell them what you think because they might completely suck (and let’s face it, most of our friend’s creative endeavours do!). Oh, but the extra joy when you discover that not only do they not suck, but that you’re a raging fan! I never understood people who got jealous of talent in their friends or people they know. I know that I have zero talent at writing songs or writing fiction and I simply find myself privileged to have the opportunity to get someone else’s talent promoted.

The Ghosts of Men is a trilogy and I am eagerly awaiting the final instalment. The books are set in both our near future and a future 40 plus years further on, alternating from chapter to chapter between timelines. The first book begins the near present part of the story as Europe is succumbing to Islamic terrorism and being overrun with Immigration and the USA is on the brink of total collapse. A billionaire tech entrepreneur is gathering the best minds from around the world to go off grid to work from a secret location to create true artificial intelligence. 40 plus years into the future and the human race is next to extinct. The humanoid machines look just like dead loved ones. Their minds and physical features have been completely uploaded. They speak to the remaining real humans just like their loved ones would speak to them and urge them to come and join them in the wonderful new paradise.

Many of the themes in this story have been explored before in sci-fi, but James breathes new life into the question of artificial intelligence by updating and integrating political problems of today into the genre.

We have background characters representing Trump and Clinton archetypes and we have primary characters representing Elon Musk and Stefan Molyneux archetypes. In the case of the primary characters their role in society (tech entrepreneur and online philosopher) is where the similarity ends. James creates their own personalities and motivations with great skill and care.

As a purely sci-fi story these books stand on their own as a fantastic read, but there is more. Through the various characters in these books and the events that happen to them James takes the reader on the full red-pill journey. Seriously people, if you want to finally break through to that stubborn friend or relative that is still stuck in just right of centre normie land, get them these books for a birthday or Christmas present.

This is the journey most of us have followed from noticing the growing socialism and the Muslim immigration, to becoming a libertarian, rejecting that for Nationalism and ultimately wanting to underpin and secure our tribe with faith. And it’s just done so well. Because these are the experiences of the characters in a fictional book, most of which are occurring in a Mad Max wasteland. Ideas that appear to be promoted heavily in the first book getting demolished by the events story of the second.

The reader is emotionally invested in the fates of the characters and most will have no problem accepting the viewpoints expressed in the beginning of the story, because the characters and the story itself are just so compelling. So too then are the changes in beliefs of the characters as the story unfolds.

What a story though! Some of the scenes are just brutal. Absolutely horrific. Totally gripping. Yet love and humanity is always shining through. These are books of redemption and hope, not books of despair. There is immense struggle and loss but always the will to carry on and triumph. Concepts of the importance of family hold from the beginning throughout the book. Other concepts such as loyalty to tribe and value of heritage or race are gradually introduced.

I really can’t say enough about these books. James Fox Higgins is one of our own. Fighting the good fight against Globalist depravity. Countering the Jewish run publishing companies and entertainment industries with content worthy of our people. Support his work, buy his books for your family and friends and push back in the culture war. You won’t regret it.

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