Book Review: At War With Earl Pierce by Ryan Fletcher


The story, written by Ryan Fletcher of our very wonderful XYZ, presents an authentic look into the radical minds that develop as a result of kosher-certified mutilation of our fine Antipodean culture and of the wider Occidental experience. Spoilers will be at the bare minimal and I apologise in advance for such.

At War With Earl Pierce, by Ryan Fletcher. You can find the book at Amazon.

After months and years of political travel from one meta-political place to another, the former Senatorial HEMP candidate and political dissident gives a work that offers nothing but an accurate piece of fiction. I say that because at one point or another, any dissident that reads this book will have one experience that is somewhat similar to a certain scene or two in this work. I had sped-read through the book in two days or so and I felt that I needed to write about it as a matter of principle. Here at the XYZ, we try and lift each other up in our nigh-eternal quest to coast through the globohomo, as opposed to the ABC who worship it as part of Pride Month just because 1/3rd of its workforce are system bitches that vote for the Greens. But I digress.

Taking a mix of allegory and fine description of the powers of psychedelics and medication alongside dissident political and religious ideals, the fictitious protagonist behind the pen-name “Earl Pierce” strikes hard and fast with his writings at the system. A system that would catch up with him as it would with any that dare speak out against it. Of course, this piece of writing is not an exercise to highlight the eventual downfall of a rebellious person such as Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-Four or John the Savage in Brave New World. It is to highlight, in my emphasis, the need to go on in spite of the struggle. The story-within-a-story would have no doubted created such as a moral lesson.

The characters themselves are embroiled in a society which is written as a mix of the past and the present, a sign in my view reflecting the character’s divorce from the society as a whole. The references made to past targets of the system in the beginning is reflected in the protagonist Lucas Leary, a man who has drifted from esotericism to minor party interests to dissident writings and religious ecstasy to political imprisonment by the book’s end. His nature, his ethos if you will, compels him to move in such a direction that would no doubt create discomfort. But that’s the point for a character who is described as, “A seeker of the offbeat and unconventional discourses from the peripheries of society”.

The story is sharp and quick with the razor towards the fundamental weaknesses of the society, trimming away in such a fashion that proves the character’s points rather than tries to disprove them. In real life this is the case, where the heavy-handed anarchy-tyranny only reinforces the dissident mind instead of re-integrating it into the consumerist kosher-sponsored society of modern Australia. The descriptions work for any high-reader or for anyone that is starting to get into dissident literature, either as writer or reader.

The ending is quite a shock and quite ballsy on the part of the author, whose vril must have been off the charts when he took to finishing it. Some may glaze over it at first, but it fits with the struggle of the character in the “ostensible war,”. A mix of the surreal, the psychedelic, the polemic and the authentic, this is by far one of the best dissident fiction stories I’ve read. It is written as a labour of love and it shows. This will be ostensibly understood to be a hate tract by the system piggery of Parliament/ADC/Insert quasi-governmental-private system org here, but by doing so they have betrayed the fact that they have been hit by this work. Either that or they are grasping at straws, probable that it might be both.

All in all, short and sharp to the point, easy to read, vril vibrations were all in place and no doubt carrying a lesson for all of us.

I’ve never met Ryan myself, but I commend him for this piece and for the many more to come.

You can buy At War With Earl Pierce at Amazon.