Machete of Peace Attack in Lygon Street Melbourne

This is normal.

A boy escaped death yesterday by the barest of margins after having his throat slashed by a machete in Lygon Street, Carlton, just north of Melbourne’s CBD:

Police are looking for a machete wielding man after a 17-year-old boy was allegedly slashed across the neck in Melbourne’s inner north.

CCTV footage from Monday night shows around 11 masked men, one holding a machete, chasing the boy during the busy Lygon St dinner rush in Carlton.

They cornered the boy inside popular gelato shop Pidapipo Gelateria, where he was allegedly stabbed in the neck.

Shocked diners along the packed strip looked on.

Sarah, who witnessed the alleged attack, described the horrifying details to 9News.

“I just kept saying ‘hold your throat, hold your throat, it’s going to be okay, stay calm, stay calm’,” she said.

“This was the scariest, most horrific thing I have ever seen in Lygon Street.”

Police established a crime scene at the intersection of Lygon and Faraday streets on Tuesday, while the shop was deep cleaned as blood was sprayed all over the walls.

The boy barely survived the attack and as of Tuesday night was in Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

This should serve as a warning to anybody considering moving to Melbourne or bringing their family here. Melbourne is not a safe place to live or raise a family.

The promos will show Ferraris on trendy Lygon Street:

However, Lygon Street is a hub of organised crime, and yesterday’s stabbing is not out of the ordinary. Several years ago, a journalist was attacked by Marxist terrorists on Lygon Street:

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is supposed to be the jewel in the city’s crown:

The fact is, people get attacked with didgeridoos at the football now:

St Kilda is supposed to be a fun place:

In truth, it requires a heavy, round the clock police presence to prevent riots:

Even the police are dangerous. They bash old ladies:

They slam innocent people to the ground for no reason:

And they try to turn ordinary people into paraplegics:

Your’re not even allowed to grow your own food.

Psychopath Daniel Andrews Plans To STARVE Victorians

Melbourne is not safe. It is not a paradise. If you are overseas and considering immigrating to Australia, don’t. Australia is presented as a paradise on earth where everybody is laid back, goes to the beach every day and drinks 50 cans of Fosters without raising a sweat.

These are all lies. Australia is now mostly full of people from other parts of the world. Most residents are overworked and underpaid. You have to inject poison just to get a job. The schools try to make everyone gay. Even in the coastal cities, the urban sprawl has gotten so out of control that it takes hours to get to the beach.

There are three million Chinese colonists here, preparing the ground for a CCP takeover. In a decade or two they will own everything, and nobody will have freedom anymore.

Basically, don’t come here, it would be a big mistake. You will be far happier back home, even if you are poorer for now, because you will be surrounded by your family and your culture.

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