Conservative Parties: Five Criteria


Any Right of Centre Party is described by the media as “Conservative”. Even the members and Politicians of such Parties refer to themselves and I assume believe themselves, to be Conservatives.

Surely there should be some criteria by which to judge if a Political Party is really Conservative or not?

Well here are five and to be a true Conservative Party it must have all five. it must be:

  1. Socially Conservative
  2. Fiscally Conservative
  3. Economically Conservative
  4. Loyal to its own People
  5. Loyal to its own Heritage

What do they mean?

Socially Conservative means that the family, consisting of one Man/Husband and one Women/Wife with their children be encouraged and supported. That everything is to be done to support them and that as little as possible be done to harm them. That the family is the basic unit in society, it built the past and it will build the future.

Fiscally Conservative means to balance the budget! Either reduce spending or increase taxes, but balance the budget. The idea that Conservatives only support lower taxes is counter productive because it is a slogan, not good policy. Good policy says that if people want more services then they should pay more tax to support it, if they want tax cuts then services should be curtained. Living in debt cannot last and Conservatives should never support it.

Economically Conservative means that the economy is not about money or the stockmarket, certainly they have their place. A Conservative economy puts the creation of wealth and the creation and maintenance of male employment as its highest priorities.

Loyal to its own People means that it opposes foreign armies, banks, investors, and any others from dominating. That they may have their place if appropriate but that the Nation remains the property of the Nation. That also means opposing mass immigration, Multiculturalism and Diversity. All of which are designed to destroy the People.

Loyal to its own heritage means that they do not believe in the tyranny of the living, that the dead and those yet unborn are as much a part of the nation as the living. Once we were unborn, now we live and one day we shall be dead, and that the future, the present and the past are indivisible, part of the same continuum. But heritage is not just people, it is also buildings, art, literature, culture and language. It is also law and our traditional form of Government. For those countries with a Monarchical tradition, part of our heritage is the Monarchy.

When those who claim to be Conservative cannot support these five criteria then you can be certain that they are not really Conservative at all.

Originally published at Upon Hope on October 3, 2015. You can find Mark’s Subscribestar here.