“Double vaxxed isn’t fully vaxxed”: SA government launches booster scare campaign


The South Australian government has “been forced to use scare tactics” to push more dangerous Covid vaccines on its subjects:

So you’re saying that other than coercing people into taking the poison jab, all they’ve got left is scaring people into taking it. Just like they did all through lockdown when they would constantly report on Covid “cases” rather than the death rate, which was basically the same as cold and flu.

They’ve made a whole series of scary videos:


This aligns with XYZ News’ conclusion last year – we deduced from the statements of government officials in Victoria, NSW and Queensland that when they claimed that most Covid patients or Covid deaths were “not fully vaccinated”, or “had not had their first or second jabs” that this meant that most Covid patients or Covid deaths had either had one or two jabs, rather than no jabs. If this was not the case, they would have said plainly “most Covid patients and Covid deaths have had zero jabs.”

But they didn’t.

Because people were getting jabbed, then dying.

South Australia Health has proven us correct, again. In admitting that most Covid patients “have not had their third shot” and in using the slogan “double vaxxed is not fully vaxxed”, they are admitting that most Covid deaths are among people who have had two jabs.

Just like other state governments, rather than making the obvious conclusion from the data that the vaccine is either ineffective or is in fact dangerous, SA Health is inverting the meaning of the data to push people to take more of the poison.

It’s criminal.

The upside is that if they are being forced to lie so utterly transparently in order to boost poison jab uptake, then a lot of people are already saying no to the lies. The only people this nonsense will convince are Covid true believers, but most of them will be “boosted” anyway. They’re essentially telling them that they face a lifetime of being permanently drugged by their DNA-altering goo, but they’re cool with that.

All they have done with this advertising campaign is reinforce that the vaccines:

  • Do not protect you from getting the cold or flu, ie “Covid”.
  • Are dangerous.

Global data indicates that the vaccines are causing a spike in heart attacks and other adverse reactions, and destroying the immune systems of the people who continue to take them.

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