Dispatches: The Truth About Channel 4’s Hit Piece


From Patriotic Alternative.

On Thursday 28th April, Patriotic Alternative were contacted by David Henshaw of Hardcash Productions to inform us that a documentary about our organisation titled, The Enemy Within: Inside Britain’s Far Right, would be going live on Channel 4 on Monday 9th May. We were provided with a document detailing what would be included in the documentary and we were asked to provide a statement in response.

As we have nothing to hide, we offered Hardcash Productions the opportunity to interview us in person and on camera so that they could ask us anything they like, and so that we’d have the opportunity to respond to the accusations featured in the above-mentioned document. As we are the focus of the documentary, surely Hardcash Productions and Channel 4 would jump at the opportunity for an interview with us? It seems not. Hardcash Productions declined our offer for an interview stating that they do not want to interview the people they are making the documentary about. When we asked them how many minutes we had in the documentary for our statement so that we could tailor our response to the allocated timeframe, we were told it’s an editorial matter and they will edit our statement as they see fit.

As we are expecting Hardcash Productions to heavily edit our response in the documentary, here is the response we sent them, in full:

Dear David

This response is to be read out, unaltered, in full and unexpurgated. Any alterations will be treated as grounds for a complaint to OFCOM.

Both Mark Collett and Laura Towler of Patriotic Alternative offered Hardcash Productions a full recorded interview to discuss and explain these matters – Hardcash Productions declined this offer. What’s more, Hardcash Productions also gave no opportunity to view any part of the program in advance in flagrant breach of the rules of natural justice.

Hardcash Productions has a long history of producing heavily biased and politicised hatchet jobs that push an anti-Brexit, anti-white, anti-British and pro-mass immigration agenda.

Patriotic Alternative is the largest organisation in Britain that advocates for the rights of the indigenous people of the British Isles, this is something of which we are proud. We believe that the indigenous people of any nation have the right to advocate for the preservation of their culture and traditions, to oppose the erasure of their history and to defend their ethnic integrity.

According to government census data and Oxford Professor and population expert David Coleman, white Britons will be a minority in Britain by 2066 or sooner – this is NOT a conspiracy theory, but a fact. Patriotic Alternative is wholly opposed to this demographic change and it is our constitutional right to organise against the replacement of white Britons – a change that is primarily driven through mass immigration, which under the current Conservative Government is at an all-time high. We regularly fly banners which carry phrases such as this ‘This is Our Land’ – we make NO apologies for this, the British Isles are our ancestral homeland, this is a simple statement of fact.

Throughout the documents passed to us by Hardcash Productions several ‘Experts’ are repeatedly cited, yet these ‘Experts’ are clearly and demonstrably wrong on a number of occasions and rather than citing facts regularly impart their opinions. We were never informed of who these so-called ‘Experts’ are, as such, it is our opinion that these are politically biased left-wing activists. What’s more, it is a fundamental breach of natural justice to use anonymous critics to attack us.

Hardcash Productions makes the claim Patriotic Alternative has “exploited the so-called ‘culture wars’ and prominent global events” – this is nonsense. The left-wing media has repeatedly pushed an anti-white agenda upon the British public, we have a right to respond to and push back against that agenda – as indigenous Britons we have a right to advocate for our interests.

Throughout the documents provided to us by Hardcash Productions there are a number of quotes and retelling of events that are either taken out of context or wholly misrepresented. One example of this is when Laura Towler and her husband were attacked during a leafletting session by masked leftist thugs from Antifa. Patriotic Alternative activists should be free to carry out democratic and peaceful political activities without having fear of violence from left-wing terrorist organisations.

During the production Hardcash Productions erroneously uses the term ‘grooming’ – grooming is a coercive act largely associated with Muslim men who ply underage white girls with drugs and alcohol in order to sexually abuse them. To characterise persuading other people to join a cause through discussion or by presenting them with alternative ideas as ‘grooming’ is completely outrageous. The production also makes much of a young man – Barkley Walsh – being arrested for delivering leaflets. Barkley was released without charge because the leaflets in questions are legal and delivering them to households is simply an example of Patriotic Alternative participating in the legal democratic process.

Patriotic Alternative is in the process of applying to be a registered political party – we wish to be involved further in the democratic process and we do not in any way condone terrorism. What’s more, when looking at government statistics on terrorism, it is clear to see that when it comes to religion around three quarters of those imprisoned for terror offences in the UK are Muslim and when it comes to ethnicity, those imprisoned for terror offences who come from a migrant background are vastly over represented when compared to white Britons.

Hardcash Productions also makes much of the Patriotic Alternative home-schooling campaign. We note that schools are increasingly pushing a highly sexualised and anti-white agenda on children of all ages. Parents should be offered ways to educate their children that are free of material that intends to inflict anti-white self-hatred upon them. What’s more, exposing children as young as four to highly sexualised material on topics such as masturbation and transsexuality is tantamount to child abuse and parents should have a right to remove their children from these indoctrination sessions.

Finally, we note that Hardcash Productions repeatedly attacks Patriotic Alternative for ‘breaching lockdown regulations.’ The Covid lockdown regulations were unconstitutional and a breach of the fundamental concept of the rule of law – as such we are unsurprised that Hardcash Productions supported such measures, we however did not.

—- END —-

Yours Sincerely
Mark Collett

We have also scheduled a response stream for 7pm on the evening of Tuesday 10th May. In this stream, Patriotic Alternative will respond and react to the documentary and highlight any lies or misrepresentations they have told. This stream can be watched on Odysee and DLive.

Responses to Lies and Misrepresentation

Patriotic Alternative are continuously lied about by the press and far left organisations like Hope Not Hate. One of the most outrageous lies told about us is that we are preparing for some sort of “race war”, and that we promote violence. This is untrue; in fact, it is categorically against what we stand for which is peaceful community building and our right to exercise our democratic right as British citizens.

It is clear that the Dispatches documentary is a hit piece and that the creators have no intention of telling the truth about Patriotic Alternative and the great community-based work we do, such as our Homeless Outreach Initiative and our Great British Clean-Up project. However, we believe that the intention of this documentary was to try to get our organisation banned. One of the so-called “experts” they spoke to was Sara Khan, who put forward a proposal to the Government last year which claimed that Patriotic Alternative don’t break any laws with the topics we talk about and the actions we carry out, therefore the law should be changed to make our perfectly legal conversations and actions illegal. The proposal was declined by the Government.

It also appears that they chose the title of the documentary before the undercover journalist actually attended any of our events. The Enemy Within is an incredibly over-dramatic title which conjures up images of violence and extremism. Perhaps Hardcash Productions expected (and hoped) to find conversations and plans conducive to such things, but what they instead found was leafleting, home education and a few edgy jokes around the campfire.

Patriotic Alternative activists clean up 106 bags of litter in the West Midlands.

There is plenty of material in the documentary that we make no apologies for. We unapologetically advocate for the interests of the indigenous people of these islands and we are looking forward to our statements which promote such advocacy being aired on mainstream television. However, there are a number of topics which feature in the documentary which are either misrepresentations or outright lies. You can find our response to these below.

“Patriotic Alternative are “grooming” children into joining the “far right””

You have to be 18 to hold a position within our organisation.

Despite this, sometimes young people take an interest in politics. You can join the Labour Party at 14 and you can join the Conservative Party at any age and vote on party issues once you hit 15. Major political parties are also trying to lower the voting age in the United Kingdom to 16. If somebody under the age of 18 is adamant that they want to get involved with our organisation, they must either attend our events with a parent or guardian, or they must get a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian. This is not because our organisation is anymore “extreme” than the Labour Party or the Tories but because there is a risk that this person will be targeted and lied about by the press, such as in this documentary. To this date, only one person under the age of 18 has joined us in this way. This is hardly evidence of us purposely targeting, or “grooming”, this age group.

“Sam Melia was involved with National Action”

Sam Melia has never had any involvement with National Action. Counter Terrorism have looked into this and haven’t found a single piece of evidence linking Sam to National Action despite looking through all his devices and keeping them for over a year.

Sam has never attended a National Action event, however he has attended two events where National Action supporters (and supporters of other organisations) were present. One of these was a march against grooming gangs in 2016 that was attended by multiple organisations plus concerned members of the public and the other was a non-political event at a bar in Manchester.

The use of racial slurs

Patriotic Alternative has a Code of Conduct that prohibits the use of racial slurs at our events. If somebody is found to break the Code of Conduct it will be dealt with there and then. The Dispatches documentary suggests that our Code of Conduct was broken a small handful of times over the course of two years. No Patriotic Alternative officers were present to hear this happen, therefore we were unable to respond.

A couple of the examples used in the Dispatches documentary were not Patriotic Alternative supporters using the racial slurs themselves, but in fact them quoting and discussing what somebody else had said. Depending on how the show is edited, this may or may not be apparent.

“A joke was told about…”

We make no apologies for any jokes that were told among friends at a private gathering.

“Patriotic Alternative recruited Barkley Walsh when he was 13-years-old”

Patriotic Alternative didn’t exist when Barkley Walsh was 13-years-old. Patriotic Alternative was founded three years later.