Pressure mounts on Daniel Andrews to SCRAP VACCINE MANDATE


Have you ever seen a hardhat worn with less aplomb on a pudgy head?

And the squint in one eye. He looks as though he’s coming down.

Rumours abound that Daniel Andrews used to sell drugs back in his Uni days, and then there is that snorting video.

At least he doesn’t have an imaginary friend.

Drugs are probably how Andrews got the connections to attain and retain power. It’ll also be how they control him:

The Victorian economy could open to the unvaccinated at the end of this month and the pandemic declaration end in July under changes to COVID-19 pandemic orders being considered by the state’s public health team.

Officials in NSW and Victoria are working with the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee to determine which restrictions the country’s two largest states will ease, according to a senior government source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Those discussions centre around when the vaccinated economy will end and to what extent vaccine mandates for workers will be scaled back, following pressure from some business groups to drop rules banning unvaccinated patrons and customers.

Officials are also weighing up allowing asymptomatic household contacts of COVID-positive people to leave isolation provided they undertake daily rapid antigen tests in line with the rules in place for critical workers, such as nurses, teachers and aviation workers.

The fact that they are “leaking” this story to the Lying Press is significant. The Victorian government is getting slammed by business to scrap the mandates, and they want to get an idea of how the broader community feels about its enslavement.

They will be examining the buzz on the topic and running their AI algorithms to gauge the use of emotive words on social media regarding the mandates. Basically I’m encouraging readers to go one step back from fedposting regarding vaccine mandates on the logic that it probably will do some good for the first time in two years:

Industry sources said the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions had been conducting focus groups in which they asked businesses to outline in detail the impact of requiring patrons to check in using QR codes and show their vaccination status.

Victorians who haven’t received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been barred from accessing hospitality and entertainment venues since last year, but some epidemiologists say high vaccination rates and acquired immunity from past infections make the mandate unnecessary.

The vaccines are causing a tsunami of heart attacks across the country, and the hospitals need every unvaccinated and close contact worker they can get their hands on to deal with the workload:

Ditto for airport workers:

But wait, governments want to create chaos from which they can create a New World Order. They can’t propose their globalist masters’ solution if they can’t hype up the reaction to their engineered problem. Why would they care so much now, just as they’re getting ready to starve us?

One senior government source said officials were discussing whether to end the vaccinated economy at the end of this month when the peak of the current wave of the Omicron BA.2 subvariant is expected to subside, or wait until around July 12 when the pandemic declaration expires.

Premier Daniel Andrews last week announced he would extend the pandemic declaration for another three months, prolonging the state government’s power to enact public health measures, including vaccine and mask mandates…

It is unclear how some coronavirus rules would be enforced without a pandemic declaration, but indefinitely extending the orders could pose a political headache for a government heading to the polls in November.

And there’s your answer. They have to maintain the pretence of democracy. If the election is in November, the cattle-cars to Mickelham will fire up in December.

Considering that democracy is practically a synonym for “anal sex” we’d be better off doing away with it entirely.

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