The Strength of Diversity


Gordon Freeman

We are constantly told that firstly, the NHS needs its foreign workers and secondly, diversity is our greatest strength. Although the latter is definitely on the wane, the former is on every liberal/civ nat’s lips, ready to throw down the gauntlet of our health service to stop ethnonationalists in their tracks. But once again diversity, true to its own nature, comes along and proves them wrong.

A few days ago the court passed judgement over an NHS “cancer” nurse (I’ve highlighted the word cancer because the newspaper seemed to think this was an important point, almost like they are making an excuse) who was caught speeding and pulled over. As the police officer, a woman on the front line, stood at the front of the vehicle to take down the details, the nurse, Abiola Akilla decided that the best idea was to drive forward over the police officer, seriously injuring her.

Abiola Akilla – drove over police officer.

Now of course, I’m not one to defend the police, the way a lot of them have acted toward their fellow citizens of this nation, from Rotherham to Covid, has been nothing short of a disgrace. And the silence from the rest shouts and echoes across our nation telling our people exactly who they cannot rely on.  That being said the woman crushed, PC Caroline Green, is one of our people. She is White, a mother of one and someone who has had to face diversity head on.  She says she now suffers from PTSD which if true, is absolutely no way for a White woman to be treated in this nation, to have to suffer a serious, potentially lethal assault at the hands of someone the establishment feels we should all bow before, it’s not right. This is not how things should be.

And we all know it.

Judgement passed

So what of the nurse? Well she got a driving ban and 30 months behind bars. Still a net negative to our nation. Will she serve the whole period, we can speculate on that. My guess, probably not. After all, she is a cancer nurse and the NHS couldn’t survive without these caring people. Caring? You know, the type who try to drive away to dodge a speeding fine (and potentially something else since the car was her son’s) hit and run over women police officers, then drive off and don’t stop to help. The NHS DEFINITELY doesn’t need any more Abiola Akillas thank you very much. If this is how she treats the police, I shudder to think how good her bedside manner is.

Next we have a story about Josephine Iyamu jailed for 18 years for trafficking women. She was sentenced in 2018 but has been further ordered to hand over close to £184,000 that she pocketed from the trafficking. According to the story Iyamu, working in London, charged up to €38,000 each to the five women to get them out of Nigeria and into Europe for a life of prostitution. Interesting that we are always told how poor and helpless these Africans are, yet, if someone told me and most readers to get a hold of say £20,000, I think we would struggle.

Josephine Iyamu – convicted for slavery.

So here we have a nurse, that this nation couldn’t do without who actively uses and abuses her own racial kin for financial gain. Again, what would she be like as a nurse if this is how she treats other human beings?

Laughably, the article says she is the first “British National” to be convicted under the Modern Day Slavery Act. How very apt that a black women is the first “British” person convicted of slavery in modern times. No one heard the BLMs screaming from the rooftops about this though.

These are just two very recent court cases that have taken place but it’s not like there is a lack of such stories. Our nation is full of this kind of absolute nonsense. And our people usually have to bear the brunt directly or indirectly. In the case of Iyamu, we collectively have to pay 18 years worth of free food and heating for this black slave owner.

So the next time you hear anyone defend migrants and their role in the NHS, ask them to explain if it’s really worth having these people in our nation, caring for our people, when this is how many of them act.

Originally published at Patriotic Alternative.