Malcolm Roberts: THE FED Responsible For EVERY MAJOR WAR Since 1913


One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts stuck his neck out a long way during a recent speech in Federal Parliament. He dared to push back against the pro-Ukrainian government hysteria which has gripped Australia’s elites in recent months, saying he does not want to take sides in the current conflict between Russia and the Ukraine:

I have no doubt that he is voicing his genuine view on the matter, and that his words reflect the views of a strong proportion of ordinary Australians who are completely ignored by the political class, whether it comes to immigration, Covid Tyranny, or our utter disdain for Globohomo.

But wait there’s more. Roberts quotes US Senator Ron Paul in excoriating the privately owned US Federal Reserve:

“Every major war since 1913 can be directly attributed to the United States Federal Reserve Bank, which is controlled by globalists.”


This is the most significant speech by an Australian politician since Fraser Anning’s “Final Solution” speech in 2018. In triggering sheer hysteria over his use of two innocuous words strung together, Anning exposed the way in which the narrative of the holocaust myth is used to demonise any expression of White solidarity. A fictional genocide has become the logic underpinning the very real White Genocide currently underway in all White nations.

Roberts has built on this, pointing out by proxy that jews are responsible not just for World Wars 1 & 2 but for all major wars, including the current one in the Ukraine.

It is interesting then that Roberts’ speech has not blown up the media in the way which Anning’s did. I am happy to attribute this to the historical ignorance of the Lying Press rather than any conspiracy of silence.

There is a glut of information out there, so if you want to expand your knowledge of the facts laid out here, these three videos are a good place to start:

The Money Masters provides a broad historical perspective on the expansion of central bank power in recent centuries:

Robert Sepehr has exposed the forgotten history behind the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913:

And if you have a spare 12 hours, Europa the Last Battle provides detail on the role of central banks in starting all those wars.

Just tell your boss you have Covid.

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