Tucker Refuses to Cuck: Slams ADL


A few days ago Tucker Carlson forced the subject of White Replacement to the centre of discourse in the West:

It is irrefutable that Western governments are attempting to replace their White native people through mass immigration. The Lying Press acknowledges it as a good thing while simultaneously labelling it a “conspiracy theory” and conflating it with “terrorism” whenever a White Nationalists points it out. A simple google search exposes this hypocrisy:

In another example, in the video below a representative of the SPLC acknowledges that “everybody knows” that White people are becoming a minority in America, including White Nationalists, but they have no way of pushing back against White Replacement which has been “planned for a while”.

Kevin MacDonald and and Brenton Sanderson have produced excellent scholarship on the jewish influence on immigration policy in America and Australia respectively. A flow chart of the latter can be viewed below.

Naturally, Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL had a big sook to CNN about Tucker:

Greenblatt pulled the stunt outlined above, labelling White Replacement a so-called “conspiracy theory” which encourages terrorism, despite the fact that Whites have been subjected to relentless terrorism and violence from non-Whites in our our own countries as a byproduct of White Replacement. He called for Tucker’s dismissal and passive-aggressively threatened the financial interests of Fox News’ owners, management, advertisers and shareholders.

Thus in attempting to deny the reality of undue jewish influence over immigration policy in America, he exposed the reality of undue jewish influence over immigration policy in America.

Spectacularly, Tucker has refused to cuck. You can view the entire segment here:

He slammed the ADL over its advocacy for Israel, a state which defines nationality by race and which explicitly opposes jews becoming a minority in their own country:

The one area in which his argument remains weak is his contention that this is a voting rights issue, not a race issue. This is a mistake, as the whole point is that immigrants of another race will vote according to their own ethnic interests, in opposition to the host nation’s native stock. Thus the voting rights question is merely a byproduct of the racial question.

Whoever is telling Tucker to avoid addressing the racial question directly, Tucker needs to tell them to get stuffed. Addressing race directly does not frighten and drive away White normies, it awakens their racial consciousness. It stirs something deep within us, because it validates the identity at the very core of our being.

Once unleashed it will, God willing, sweep away our enemies.