Daniel Andrews thinks he’s UNTOUCHABLE


This week two incidents have demonstrated why we often refer to Dick Ears Dan as Dictator Dan. He has unilaterally extended his pandemic powers until July, and casually dismissed an Auditor General’s report that he used millions of taxpayer dollars to fund political advertising.

Here is the statement announcing the former:

He says he made the decision in consultation with the Health Minister and Acting Chief Health Officer. That’s window dressing for Covid Tyranny. Their job is to give the Premier the answer he wants to make it look like this is a joint decision.

The fact is, after the massive power grab last year with the passing of new pandemic legislation, Andrews can do whatever he likes. All he has to do to extend “temporary” emergency powers indefinitely is to declare the “pandemic” is still a thing every three months.

This is why hundreds of thousands of Victorians marched in protest against Covid Tyranny throughout the summer of 2021-22.

So much for peaceful protest however. Andrews will be able to use this arbitrary extension of the fake pandemic to maintain the vaccine mandate for as many workers as possible. People are going hungry because they’re not allowed to work, and the engineered food shortages haven’t even kicked in yet:

The Dear Leader is so smugly entrenched that he can now brag that the rule of law does not apply to him:

Not only is Daniel Andrews refusing to pay back $11 million of taypayers’ money after having been found to have broken the law regarding political advertising, he has vowed he would do it again. The state opposition is referring the matter to the state’s anti-corruption watchdogs:

The Victorian Liberals and Nationals have referred Daniel Andrews’ unlawful political advertising to Victoria’s anti-corruption watchdogs.

Yesterday, the Victorian Auditor-General stated that millions of dollars’ worth of Andrews Government advertising was political in nature and breached Victorian laws.

In spite of these findings, Premier Daniel Andrews has stated that he “would not hesitate to run that campaign again” and has refused to repay the money misused by his government.

In addition, the creation and approval of these ads potentially breached impartiality requirements under Codes of Conduct for both Victorian Public Sector Employees and Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries.

These ads were unlawful and Victorians deserve to know who decided to approve them, why and with what motivations.

Whilst in 2019 the Ombudsman and IBAC declined to fully investigate these matters, the Auditor-General’s findings and the recent opening of an investigation into the politicisation of the public sector justifies further consideration.

How these pussywillows could possibly think this will make even a skerrick of difference is beyond me. Daniel Andrews remains a free man and Dictator despite damning evidence against him regarding the Red Shirts Scandal. He has every institution that matters in this state in his pocket. He’s not getting voted out either.

Daniel Andrews is Dictator for Life unless the people of Victoria decide to do something about it.

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