What if we already have One World Government?

“Real bombs fell occasionally, but Winston didn’t know whether the declared enemy fired them or whether Big Brother engaged in regular false flags.”

George Orwell was a Communist. He went to fight for the Communists in the Spanish Civil War, got shot and had his English sensibilities disturbed by people who were much more Communist than he was. Real Communism just wasn’t cricket old chap. They didn’t even stop the butchering to have afternoon tea.

Orwell put his faith in that non violent good old chap Snowball in Animal Farm, otherwise known as Trotsky. Snowball was such cute little piggy that historical records of him torturing and murdering non Jews, sorry, I mean bourgeois scum, are obviously fake. Not all piggies are bad. It’s just that nearly all the piggies in the Bolshevik Revolution were Jewish. Which may be why they don’t eat pork.

In the West the Trotskyists were ignored and allowed to grow and infest every public institution, every political office. They played the long game, the Globalist Game. Not least because Trotsky himself had an ice pick rammed into the back of his head (which is probably why Orwell thought he must be a cute little piggy called Snowball). Whilst all of the Communists and global Banking cartels originated from Jews, many Goyim filled the ranks over time and many rich and powerful Goyim families had been supporting their goals all along, going back centuries.

Whilst the West played the long Trotskyist game, in Russia and in China they played short game. The Nationalist game, the the Stalinist/Maoist game. In the West we also had Central Banking, fiat currency and fractional reserve lending. In the East, Central planning, disposable workers and collectives. The plan was always to merge the two in the end to get maximum control.

Never forget that Russia and China fell nearly 105 years ago and 73 years ago respectively. They were never overthrown. They never gave up control. They won, crushed all resistance and have been enjoying power ever since.

A Jew took full control of the European Banking system after Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. The same Jewish family finally gained control of the US Banking system in 1913. Jewish Bolsheviks took control of the Russian empire in 1917. Jews helped set up Chinese Communism in 1921, and the Jew Henry Kissinger is responsible for helping China to receive all of the Western world’s manufacturing industries after 1973. If I were a Jew telling all this to other Jews I would be writing with pride and getting praise, for telling the truth and glorifying Jewish achievements. As I am not a Jew and think the above historical events were detrimental to Christian Nations, I am called a conspiracy theorist and an “antisemite”.

In Orwell’s book 1984 the central character Winston thinks that there are three global powers in perpetual war, two always allied against the third, but Big Brother changes those alliances on a whim and then gets the population to accept that the new alliance was always that way.

So onto the present and the claimed war in Ukraine. Here’s the thing. There are rich and powerful Jews with a disproportionate level of influence and control in Russia, in Ukraine and in the USA.

Jews have been in control in Russia for 100 years. Russia is one of only a few countries in the world where you can go to jail for publicly doubting the WW2 Jewish Holocaust narrative. Ukraine has a Jewish President. The Billionaire corrupt oligarchy that came to be after the end of the Soviet Union are mostly Jews who were in strategic positions within the Communist Party when the system changed. There are roughly 800,000 Jews in Russia and Ukraine combined, from a total combined population of 185 million people. They are over represented in positions of wealth and power just as much there as they are in the USA. Only there they’ve been established as rulers supreme, for much longer. In the West we had the long march through the institutions and increasing grip on the financial system, in the East they had simple bloody revolution where they took it all at once. Yeah yeah yeah, not all Jews, not only Jews, blah blah blah. Stop Kvetching.

They are over represented by orders of magnitude in positions of power and wealth and they put their collective interests ahead of the interests of the people in whose countries they reside. The fact that each country also has a bunch of traitorous non Jews lining their pockets as well, is neither here nor there. We are allowed to publicly name those without any risk.

I published an article a few weeks back that referenced a video that appeared to show that much, if not all of the war in the Ukraine thus far (at the time) had been faked. The point of making people consider such a claim was not to assert that no military actions have taken place, rather it was to simply remind people not to trust anything you are told by any authority. Russian, Ukrainian, American, Australian, etc. Don’t rule anything out completely. Always be open to the possibility that your current take on things is based on faulty information provided by liars, for the purpose of advancing the interests of a global oligarchy whose biggest ethnic and united bloc are Jewish.

We have been preparing for the New World order plans on the basis that it is a One World Government that everyone could see as in charge of the whole world. But Orwell painted a different picture. The character Winston only knew of Big Brother that controlled his region of the World. A world split into three great powers, one faction constantly at war with the other two. Real bombs fell occasionally, but Winston didn’t know whether the declared enemy fired them or whether Big Brother engaged in regular false flags.

What we know for sure at this point in time is that Jews took control of the US banking system in 1913, took control of Russia in 1917, helped the Chinese Communist Party establish itself in 1921 and supported them after they gained power in 1949.

Now there are three major tyrannical world players. Two of them making closer ties with each other in response to not getting on with the third. Meanwhile all three have pushed lockdowns, masks, vaccines, surveillance and digital IDs onto their regular citizens. China’s social policy is also the blueprint for the Digital ID system planned for the rest of the world. China doesn’t have Jewish Oligarchs residing in the Country, but they are still the ones leading the way in implementing a Globalist Agenda that is Jewish in origin.

Don’t take sides in this war in Ukraine. Don’t even believe there is a war in Ukraine. At least not between the Jews and financial aristocracy that wield the true power in the countries involved in their war. Real soldiers may fight, real civilians may die, but don’t for a second believe that the conflict between Putin and Biden is any more real than the upcoming election between Scomo and Albo. One will appear to win. One will appear to lose. Lots of people will run around as if an actual election is taking place. But behind the scenes there is no election. It’s all planned. We can have Tweedledum or Tweedledee. No election. No war.

There is only one real war. Between those who follow Christ and those who are Antichrist. Of which, rich and powerful Jews play a pivotal role. That war is not being fought with guns. It is being fought with truth and faith against selfishness and lies.

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