Covid Pivot: “2022 will be a year of recalibration”


“Dr” Kerry Chant has become the cold, hideously ugly face of Covid Tyranny not just in New South Wales but in Australia since 2020, due to the fact that she is just so hideously ugly.

Dr Kerry Chant.

No wait, that’s the other one. Here we go:

This is not a photoshop.

She is so hideously ugly that several XYZ readers have implored us to never show her face again.

Dr. Kerry Chant.

Whoops, my finger slipped.

Dr. Kerry Chant, improved.

Phew, that’s better.

If you object to my teasing of the horrible moustache woman, cut it out. She is guilty of crimes against humanity. Kerry Chant has been one of the key Australian public figures pushing Covid hysteria. She is one of the reasons that some people wear two face masks alone in their cars (not that they needed much encouraging).

She has repeatedly advocated the mandating of Covid vaccines which she knows kills people, all the while insisting that it won’t kill you if only you get another kills shot.

Now, just like Scott Morrison, Daniel Andrews and the ABS, she is trying to walk it all back:

The tone in her voice is that of a teacher making a concession to an unruly classroom while still hoping she can maintain authority:

So as we progress through 2022, we need to ensure that we balance and are proportionate in our response to Covid, and balance our response against the harms [she’s really starting to struggle now] or other mental health and health impacts we might have.

And I’m particularly keen that we work collectively with the Commonwealth on the Aged Sector response. Clearly we understand that serial isolation of frail, elderly is not a good outcome as the Minister’s previously discussed revising some of the visitor policies.

So 2022 will be a year of recalibration. But we have to continue to expect the unexpected in terms of the emergence of new variants, and we also need to expect new waves.

But I would ask the community that even though we might move away from mandates, being a proportionate and measured response, that everyone has to make their own contribution to keeping themselves, their loved ones and the broader community safe.

So you’re saying that shutting down the entire economy for two years and locking away the elderly to die heartbroken and alone outweighs the benefits of keeping us safe from the sniffles, and we’re better off focusing on personal responsibility.


That’s what the “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for two years.

Several important factors were omitted from reporting of the ABS figures earlier this week confirming that most deaths with Covid are among the sick and elderly:

  • The proportion of those deaths with Covid who were vaccinated, and in turn whether their deaths were actually with Covid, or caused by the vaccines but attributed to Covid.
  • The proportion of deaths with Covid among the elderly which were primarily due to a loss of hope.

Chant and her ilk may try very hard this year be all chummy with us about purportedly giving us our freedoms back. A key challenge in the battle over the Narrative will be to demonstrate how government action did not prevent death, but in fact caused it, and to hold the perpetrators to account.

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