COVID INFERNO: Trucks Explode At Covid Checkpoint


Covid restrictions are now, literally, blowing up trucks. I’m not even making this up.

South Australia’s peak trucking body has slammed the West Australian government after four trucks burst into flames in a COVID testing queue at the border on Monday.

The trucks carrying vehicles and perishables were destroyed about midday near the Border Village Roadhouse on the Nullabor’s Eyre Highway.

WA Premier Mark McGowan confirmed the blaze started due to the brake lining on one of the trucks getting caught and causing a fire, which then spread to the other trucks.

The CFS was fighting the fires after they broke out on the SA side of the border.

A lone firefighter was the first to respond, with his efforts helping others escape with their lives.

No one was injured in the incident.

Mr McGowan said the destruction was “catastrophic” and “very, very debilitating” for those affected.

South Australian Road Transport Association executive officer Steve Shearer took aim at the WA government, saying the incident was exacerbated by long waits at the testing point.

He said WA was urged to ease restrictions or boost testing on the Eyre highway to avoid an incident like this.

“They should really be ashamed of themselves,” Mr Shearer said.

“There is certainly drivers saying bugger them, we’re not going there.”

Day by day, people get a little bit more radical. It’s beautiful to watch. The trucker blockade is going global, and Aussie truckies are digging in for a long campaign in Canberra. Now they have another reason to be outraged at the ridiculous restrictions making it harder just to do their job.

Mr McGowan said the government was doing its best in a COVID environment.

“The Eucla checkpoint is out in the middle of the desert,” he said.

“A brake lining fire is not really something we could’ve predicted.”

Except, they could. Covid restrictions are forcing multiple trucks to queue up in close proximity. Trucks are known to overheat, and as McGowan says, they’re in a middle of a desert. All you need are a few things to go wrong, compounded by strong winds:

SA Police on Monday said strong winds caused the heavy black smoke to drift from the scene and impact driver visibility.

It was yet another manmade disaster waiting to happen.

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