Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt has made an astounding claim, suggesting Australians stock up on paracetamol and drink plenty of fluid in case they catch Covid. This is at sharp odds with the government position that the only thing which will protect us from Covid is the vaccine:

Australians have been warned many of us will likely test positive to Covid in “coming days” and are being urged to be prepared by having paracetamol before becoming infected.

It comes as the country reached a major vaccine milestone with more than 44 million doses administered.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said it was “heartening” to see Omicron was milder than previous strains of the disease, pointing to only 76 people who were on ventilation across the country.

Despite a significant increase in new cases Mr Hunt said the strain was “significantly less severe”.

It could well be that, as predicted by Adam Piggott, the government is nudging the narrative away from the unquestionable necessity for vaccines.

Deputy chief medical officer Michael Kidd said it was likely many Australians would test positive in the coming days and weeks as case numbers continued to surge.

“With the rising case numbers we’ve seen over the past week in many parts of the country, it’s likely that many of us will test positive for Covid-19 over the coming days and weeks if we haven’t already done so,” he said.

He urged people to be prepared for any potential infections by having paracetamol or ibuprofen at hand to manage fevers and mild aches or pains.

“The first thing to do is to be prepared,” he said.

“My advice is that you make sure you have some paracetamol or ibuprofen at home in case you’re diagnosed with Covid-19.

“Paracetamol or ibuprofen can be used to manage fever and aches and pains.

“It’s important to be prepared because you won’t be able to go to your supermarket or pharmacy if you are diagnosed with Covid-19.”

Professor Kidd said many people would have no symptoms at all, while others would have mild symptoms.

“You‘ll need to drink plenty of fluids which can be water, but you may also benefit from using electrolyte powder or solution,” he said.


He is seriously telling us to drink water. South Park predicted this:

This is an astonishing backflip.

Any suggestion until now that Covid can be treated in the same manner as a regular flu or the common cold has been met with accusations of being a far right conspiracy theorist and a terrorist. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs because they refuse to comply with vaccine mandates.

However, we are told that Australia could reach one million Covid cases any day now, yet bodies are not piling up in the streets. That’s a lot of cognitive dissonance to deal with.

Last year’s massive, unrelenting protests against vaccine mandates look set to continue in 2022, with hundreds of thousands marching through Australian capital cities yesterday.

In the face of such overwhelming public opposition, the prospect of ongoing food shortages due to supply chain issues due to self isolation rules, and the simple fact that despite Covid becoming endemic, almost nobody is dying, the Australian government appears to be walking back its Covid Tyranny policies.

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