Omicron is their get out of jail free card


When I first heard of the rise of the new and terrifying Omicron variant, my eyes rolled with total exasperation at yet another package of lies that they were trying to sell to us to continue this grand charade of theirs that has all but run out of steam. But a few days into the news spin cycle my detective antenna began to go up: not with alarm but with positive interest. For I was detecting an element of hope that we finally may be on the verge of triumph, at least in this battle.

The initial media reports and government reactions to this third variant were full of suitable hysteria, the same type of full throttle propaganda that has been the hallmark of the past eighteen months. Flights were cancelled from countries in southern Africa, while the media was positively breathless as they luxuriated in yet another episode of their beloved fear porn.

But then the message began to change. First we had credible reports out of Botswana from health authorities that this was an extremely mild version of the virus. The WHO backed this up with an official announcement. Then the media began to change its tune to one of muted caution that this new variant could offer natural immunity, not all the media across the board but certainly to a noticeable extent.

It was an extraordinary turnaround in a very short time. So what gives?

The other day I wrote that the globalists were in a position of holding a losing hand after a deceptively strong start. My outtake was that they would continue to double down in futile efforts to extract a winning hand. But I had not considered the possibility that they would attempt to fold without losing credibility.

Consider the nation of Austria. The government’s actions, which include mandatory vaccination for the entire population from February, are now causing the police and military to turn against it. What if the Austrian government fell; not to the opposition government but to a genuine revolution of the people? What sort of cascading effect which such an event have on the rest of the world?

Most likely, it would be dominoes.

This is but one example. The globalists were confident that the people were sufficiently divorced from spirituality and wedded to the world of materialism to bow down to their plans under threat of losing all. That has not eventuated. Instead, millions upon millions of people around the world are refusing to kowtow to the authorities. Just today there was the expiry of a mandate in Western Australia that fly in/fly out workers would have to be vaxxed. Instead, workers are descending en masse to the State Parliament to leave their work uniforms on the steps of the building in protest. This is not how they expected it would go.

And so to Omicron. What if we gave you a variant that gave you natural immunity and made everyone safe? That meant that we could quietly leave all of this lockdown and mask wearing behind us? So that everyone could go back to their lives and live happily ever after? And we will just quietly forget about all that vaccine stuff and hope that the long term effects aren’t as bad as we fear. And we will withdraw back into our gnome holes in the Swiss Alps and scheme further in the hopes that next time we will get it right.

That’s what my gut is telling me. The Omicron variant is their attempt at a get out of jail free card. Of course, I may be entirely wrong. But if I’m right I have a question for everyone: which way do you want to play it? Do you want to go quietly back to the way that things were before? Or do you want to hang ‘em high?

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