ABC Bias: Old Parliament House Fire vs US Capital Protests


Watch how the ABC reported the first attack on Old Parliament House and the first fire that scorched the wooden doors. Notice how the MOAD Director made excuses for their first attack?

Watch how the ABC reported the second attack on Old Parliament House with the larger fire. Notice how they quickly found an aboriginal elder to say that the attack doesn’t represent all of them?

Now compare how the ABC reported the 6th January US Capitol Protest anniversary. Notice how nobody tried to start a fire while they searched for documents in relation to election tampering. You will see that they were able to find a black police officer to present the establishment position but they totally forgot to mention that the only person killed that day was a white woman (Ashley Babbitt) shot in the neck by a black policeman.

Ashli Babbitt was a model Airforce veteran but her murder was memory holed by the Antiwhite establishment, including the ABC.

Ashli Babbitt.

The ABC is shameless.

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