Once in the land of Fantasia


Once, in the land of Fantasia,

Lived a barren premier; Anastacia.

A bitter old childless mule

Who thought she could actually fool

Us into thinking she was a saviour.


So she mandated there should be a jab,

For healthy people who felt quite fab!

Because all the bodies piling up in the street

(A deception, not hard to beat)

Was the result of a bat in a lab.


‘You know the jab is all about health’

But if you don’t take it, we’ll steal your wealth.

Mammy Anna knows what’s best for you’

And that’s commie control by stealth.’


So plebs, there is no need to complain,

Take the jab and feel the pain

Of destroyed bodily function

Like aneurism and stroke, in conjunction

With a pandemic of the criminally insane.