DISASTER: Potential Omicron Outbreak In Melbourne


One vaccinated man has potentially infected up to 730 people with the new Covid variant we are all supposed to worry about, Omicron:

Hundreds of people have been forced into isolation after a positive COVID-19 case with the Omicron variant attended two popular bars in Melbourne.

The positive case on Friday night attended Sircuit Bar in Fitzroy, between 9pm and midnight, and The Peel Hotel in Collingwood, between 11.30pm and 3am.

The Department of Health said about 320 people were at the Peel Hotel and more than 410 were at Sircuit during these times.

XYZ News has obtained exclusive footage from Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs shortly after the man’s night out:

Those inner city lefties are feral at the best of times.

Anyone who attended the venues during the times of concern is a close contact and must quarantine immediately.

People who are fully vaccinated must quarantine for seven days, while those who are unvaccinated face 14 days of isolation.

“You are required to get a standard PCR test as soon as possible and continue to quarantine at home,” the Department of Health said.

What is beautiful about this is that every single one of those 730 people would have been “fully” vaccinated. If you want to work in a bar or hotel in Melbourne or enter as a patron, you need to be “fully” vaccinated.

The vaccine mandates were introduced as a way of giving purebloods FOMO, but the flaw in the globalists’ plan is that in being denied access to the golden cage, we are no longer on the rollercoaster of outbreak scares, testing, self-isolating and of course, more boosters.

Once life has stabilised after being ejected from the Matrix, life for the pureblood is infinitely better than that of the mudblood.

UPDATE: The schadenfreude just got even better:

Yesterday, genomic sequencing was being carried out on nine other suspected Omicron cases.

It’s not known whether any of those cases are people who attended Sircuit Bar or the Peel Hotel on Friday night.

Drag performer Jacqui Meoff said she had to isolate for seven days after performing at Sircuit Bar on Friday night.

She said the bar had been enforcing its COVID safe requirements.

“Sircuit is very proactive and their security staff, their bouncers, they make sure everyone does check in on the way in,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

God is punishing them.

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