Reflections on our Ruling Class


From Patriotic Alternative.

By Jack Parsifal

I have already established in a previous article that popular culture has always been imposed ‘from above’ by the ruling powers to suit their chosen agendas. Historically, our ruling class consisted of the clergy and the aristocracy, our culture was rooted to the church and the crown, and so it was for the most part an organic expression of our people’s inner spirit. This was not to last, however, as the old order of Europe was gradually supplanted between the late 18th to the early 20th century by our current merchant overlords and their insatiable lust for money.

The discovery of new technologies spurred on the Industrial Revolution, which created for the first time the possibility of mass-production. This phenomenon gave birth to the modern conception of capitalism, and with it, the capitalist class. This class became so powerful, so wealthy, that they began to absorb or destroy the existing nobility to gain total power for themselves. The French Revolution saw the violent replacement of the Ancien Régime while revolutionaries forced their old rulers to the guillotine with cries of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!”, their new bourgeois masters made themselves at home. The old order was finally destroyed in the beginning of the 20th century – I do not believe it is a coincidence that the First World War ended with the dissolution of many European monarchies and the creation of corporate-controlled ‘democracies’.

Profit Motive

The new elite do not particularly care about the spirit or destiny of Europe’s people, they are motivated by one thing – profit. Culture and morality from their perspective is only a tool to produce the ideal economic unit for generating wealth. We can see this mechanical thinking in the American industrialists’ support for prohibition. Henry Ford justified his stance stating that alcohol “lowered a man’s efficiency”. Their support had nothing to do with genuine morality, it was merely part of a business strategy. Following this line of thought, it was not long before the ruling class realised that mass immigration provides an endless supply of cheap labour; traditional institutions and morality are obstacles to mass-consumerism; a population of infantile dopamine-junkies are easy to manage.

Replacing the Ruling Class

It is my belief that most wealthy individuals have no strong ideological ties, they are primarily interested in profit. The question I am interested in is this: How do we replace the current ruling class? If all they care about is profit, I do not believe we can convert a sizeable portion of them, our ideology restricts the flow of capital by its very nature. That being said, this Great Reset we keep hearing about threatens to crush many businesses through harsh regulation and the concentration of wealth in the hands of ‘responsible’ parties. It might be the case that many medium-sized businesses, and even some large can be convinced to throw their lot in with a dissident movement, if only to save their own skin. It’s probable that hospitality businesses, for instance, will start bank rolling the Anti-Covid-Tyranny movement in the coming years, similar situations may occur with companies that are deemed to be ‘unsustainable’. It is therefore important that we come to lead the existing populist energy and form a real movement from it. Other than that, I feel we should build up our own people to be the future ruling class, this would mean networking, forming and supporting businesses within the community etc. I am glad to see this is already happening with PA.

I do not claim to have any conclusive answers, however, I hope that by laying out the problem, we can begin to work on solutions. Feel free to comment any ideas you have below.