October 26 is SEGREGATION DAY for Victoria

Dan’s Shock Troops

Daniel Andrews has made the deceptive announcement that he is going to end the Victorian lockdown on October 26. The Lying Press is billing it as “Freedom Day”:

Melbourne’s lockdown is due to end this month, with Premier Daniel Andrews marking October 26 as the day fully vaccinated Victorians will be granted a raft of extra freedoms.

About 52 per cent of Victorians over the age of 16 have had two jabs, with the state predicted to hit its 70 per cent double dose milestone on October 26 or a few days earlier.

This will trigger a range of freedoms for Melbourne, including gathering outdoors in groups of 10, reopening pubs and clubs, increasing capacity limits on weddings and funerals and reopening hairdressers and personal care services.

In regional Victoria, community sport can return, hospitality venues can open indoors to 30 fully vaccinated people and funerals and weddings can run with 30 fully vaccinated people indoors and 100 outdoors.

Mr Andrews praised Victorians for their hard work and urged more people to get vaccinated so they could “finish this off so we can get the lockdown off at the end of October (and) get the place open”.

“We are so close to the end. (We can) look forward to not just 2022 but many weeks before Christmas, and Christmas being the sort of Christmas we want,” he said.

“As a community, we can look forward with a sense of hope and optimism to these next few weeks.”


What he is saying is that people who submit to injecting a dangerous “vaccine” will be allowed limited freedom. Those who refuse to submit will be segregated from the rest of society, forbidden from working, going to shops and participating in every day activities.

October 26 is Segregation Day.

Segregation is not a bad thing in and of itself. Left to our own devices, humanity divides itself naturally into tribes. Multiculturalism is an entirely engineered, modern construct.

As usual, political parties of both the fake right and fake left have demonstrated that they hold to no principle. Their commitment to “fighting segregation” only lasts as long as it suits them.

Thus an entire class of people are to be discriminated against. “Public health” is the pretext, however our politicians are beholden to foreign forces. Daniel Andrews has signed the entire State of Victoria over to the Strong Cities Network (yes, apparently Victoria is a city). The former NSW Premier was being blackmailed by Big Pharma and it is likely the rest of her party is being well bribed as well.

Beyond that, well, you can always do your own research.

Let’s quibble with one more hypocrisy of Australia’s political class. (Yes, we know that if hypocrisy actually bothered them they would stop.) The elevation of so-called “minorities” to the status of most-important-demographic has become the norm in Western politics, encouraging a victim mentality throughout much of society.

If any minority is set to become a victim in the short term, it is the unvaccinated, a group which is likely to have precisely zero political representation. I use the term “minority” facetiously however. It is highly likely that the figure of 52% of Victorians being double jabbed is a figure that has been tampered with.

In other words, it’s codswallop. Warfare 101 is to appear strong when you are weak and weak when you are strong. We are likely still the majority, and the Victorian Regime is desperate to make us think we are on the fringe.

We can still exert real world pressure. You can call and email key cross benchers to lobby against an extension of Victoria’s State of Emergency, and you can follow several key sites if you would like to take more direct action.

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