Off the grid communities


Earlier this year I wrote about going back to the underground as regards to finding real churches and places of worship. Included in that article is a link to the list of Catholic churches in the Lux Vera world directory.

This week over at Father Z’s site came a suggestion to people to set up chapels and alters in their own homes.

As it happens, I have a whole room dedicated as a chapel.  However, the attractive, abandoned piece of furniture I have would work very well.  There are even additional hinges in the frame behind the doors so that the doors could be opened all the way, flat against the sides of the cabinet, instead of sticking out.   I suppose the insides of the doors could be decorated with sacred images.  The drawers would easily hold Roman vestments, since they are plenty wide and deep.   Right now, I am cutting and staining boards to add as shelves to make it into a china cabinet.

I suspect that, before things get better, they will get worse.

He also had a piece up about a priest who intends to go religious nomad.

I won’t go independent (I’ve seen way too much schism in that department), nor will I join the SSPX (as if they’d have me). I would instead retire, get a small house with my meager savings and hit the road in some area such as this one, going around celebrating Mass at people’s houses, all underground of course, keeping the Mass alive and waiting for better times. As a Society of Apostolic Life, we are very much working on each possibility and are planning how to fight like junkyard dogs, if needed. But more than anything, we trust our Lord 100% that He knew what He is doing when He permitted the Motu Proprio of this pope. Our Lord told us that there is only One Whom we should fear. And it isn’t the pope or some cardinal with a chip on his shoulder about tradition.

Seems like my earlier suggestion is now becoming reality for those who wish to escape the bondage that we are facing. The last eighteen months have not been a curse; rather, this time of disruption has been a blessing as it has provided us with the opportunity and motive to escape from the evils of modernity together with kindred souls. Five years ago a suggestion to go underground would have had you labeled as a kook. Now I am receiving emails on an almost daily basis asking me for advice on just this very subject, (I should set up a consultancy firm at this point).

What else needs to go underground apart from worship?

Schools. Our schools need to go underground. We must take back from the state the responsibility for our children. This is a marvelous opportunity for teachers who face being thrown out of the system to set something up themselves. An old fashioned one room school. Kids of all ages together and learning, helping each other, socialising across different age groups, praying together. Oh yes, any school that you would set up would have to be religious.

There’s an idea. You teachers should get together with those priests who seek to escape the system and set up something together.

The best part about this is that you would be part of a community. The parents of your charges would see you as an important part of their lives, not just some undignified babysitter as the teachers in the system are viewed today. What skills do those parents have? Are some of them farmers, growing their own food? Perhaps skilled tradesmen. Perhaps skilled warriors.

Here is a great article with many more ideas for how to go off grid, including in an electronic sense.

There is a lot of possibility here. But it is crucial to keep in mind one thing when doing this. The division of men and women. Equality, women’s rights and emancipation, “working together as a team”, all of this poisoned rubbish helped get us into this mess to begin with. So the women need to get with the program. Their own roles as the mothers and homemakers are critical. But in terms of public leadership and debate they need to shut their mouths, listen and follow their menfolk. That is a non-negotiable. And if a man in your community has a woman running off her mouth then it behooves the rest of you to take him aside and help him to get her under control. And if he can’t then they will have to leave. No exceptions.

If this doesn’t happen then your underground communities will fester and fail as the same issues that you sought to escape quickly manifest themselves once again. But do not fear having to confront your women; they will love you for it. Above all else, women desirel a firm and guiding hand. So buckle up for the ride, boys. All your long dreamed of adventure stories are about to get real.

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