Tony Abbott: China could lash out disastrously


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has delivered a strongly worded speech in Taiwan, reiterating Australia’s determination to be independent of Chinese bullying and stating that the people of Taiwan would feel the same.

“Beijing has torn-up the ‘one country, two systems’ treaty on Hong Kong; put upwards of a million Uighurs into concentration camps; boosted cyber spying on its own citizens; cancelled popular personalities in favour of a cult of the new red emperor; brutalises Indian soldiers in the Himalayas; coerced other claimants in its eastern seas, and flown evermore intimidatory sorties against Taiwan…

“Australia has no issue with China. We welcome trade, investments and business.

“Just not further hectoring about being the chewing gum on China’s boot…

“It is quite possible that Beijing could lash out disastrously very soon.

“Our challenge is to try to ensure that the unthinkable remains unlikely, and that the possible does not become the probable.”

This is correct analysis. China is currently facing long term structural issues which have led to its current energy and debt crises. What better way to blow up one’s debt by blowing up the financial system. The old adage of beware the wounded tiger rings true here.

“As things stand, how could Taiwanese people ever want to exchange their current lives for an alternative that’s poorer and less free?

“Why would they want to get caught up in the old arguments about who is the ‘real’ China?”

The speech was delivered at a conveniently timed international conference in Taiwan and he gave the speech as a “private citizen”. Media reports which suggest that the speech “raised eyebrows” in Canberra (deliberately) miss the point. As Taiwan is officially not a country and China reacts ballistically to any official diplomatic visits to the island, diplomacy must be done as a form of theatre.

It is highly likely that America has asked the former Prime Minister of its key ally Australia to send an unofficially official message to Taiwan and to China that Australia, and by extension America, intends to stand firm in supporting Taiwan against China.

As usual with all questions of foreign relations and the national interest these days, all of this is now essentially meaningless. Australia and America have been turned into foreign countries through decades of mass immigration and multiculturalism. Our own governments have turned against our people and they treat anybody who speaks out against this deliberate attempted genocide as a terrorist.

Like so many things in the so-called “modern” world, the prevailing structures which have destroyed and replaced our traditional institutions pose the greatest threat to our people. Thus the one flaw in the plan of Western governments to contain China is that they can no longer depend on the support of their own people.

Basically, we’re not going to put our lives on the line for our government. Only for God and our people.

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