SEGREGATION DAY: A Tale Of Two Sydneys


Aussie values is submitting to government tyranny so you can get back to the pub and get clobbered in front of your kids.

Get down there boys.

The squawking class were in a tizz yesterday because people were falling over themselves to restock on socks and underwear at Kmart.


Just don’t mention the queues at the food bank in Melbourne:

Yesterday, all the contradictory slogans and narratives collided with each other off Australia’s eastern seaboard and swept across Sydney, unleashing torrents of bullshit:

As a brand new paramedic in one of Sydney’s biggest COVID-19 hotspots, day one of Alex’s job was a nightmare.

But she says the most terrifying time in the role begins Monday.

After 15 weeks of lockdown for Sydney, restrictions have been eased, with everything from gyms and cafes to pools, beauticians and retail stores reopening, and people allowed to venture more than five kilometres from home.

But 25-year-old Alex (not her real name) is not excited. She’s insulted actually. And she’s not alone.

Like many of the state’s health care workers who have spent months risking their own wellbeing to save lives from COVID, the idea of lifting lockdown now brings her “massive” anxiety.

“This is the scariest part of the pandemic so far,” she told AAP.

“Everyone’s so f***ing terrified, all of us in the southwest.

“Look at London – hundreds of people are dying a week and they’re just going about it like there’s no problem. I don’t think Australia is ready for that.

“It feels like all the things that need to be in place aren’t and now it’s like ‘Oh well, we’ll see how it goes’.”


“We’re giving you a temporary taste of limited freedom in order to prepare you for the next round of Covid Tyranny. When it turns out not even two doses of a vaccine will keep everybody safe, we’re just going to have to lock people in the homes, mandate regular boosters and send Covid Deniers to the camps.”

Governments have been using 1984-style tactics of locking cities down, allowing temporary freedom then locking down again. This psychological abuse will continue unabated, forever.

The other thing they are saying, but not really saying, is that New South Wales is now segregated, and that segregation is soon to be enforced Australia-wide.

People are rightly incensed that they are being discriminated against based on their refusal to submit to taking a dangerous vaccine just so they can keep their jobs. The Lying Press were aware this would happen and have tried to deflect responsibility.

Everyone knows it’s rubbish. The government has made the rules but it has made businesses responsible for enforcing those rules. This deliberately pits ordinary Australians against each other. Ultimately this is a good thing, as it will radicalise both sides, destroy the centre and force a confrontation one way or another.

The knee-jerk response to the use of the word “segregation” to describe the very real segregation underway in Australia will radicalise society even more. When ordinary White people discover that we are not allowed to use words which describe injustice when injustice is inflicted upon us, they will question the fundamental values which underpin globohomo modernity.

In short order, we will have no qualms treating mudbloods reciprocally.

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