My Pastor is a Covid Cuck: How should I respond?


A successful salesman once said to me that there are three conversations one has with any person you wish to influence: what you plan to say, what you actually say and what you tell yourself afterwards, that you should have said, as you’re walking away.

Today at Church the Pastor came over to me and warned me he was going to be talking about the CoVid jabs. It quickly became clear that his heads up was an attempt to placate me and hopefully avoid a scene. Trying to avoid a scene with me is a bit like trying to avoid Victoria Police shooting at you when you’re at a protest without a mask on. It’s in the realms of possibility, but I don’t rate your chances.

I mean, I tried, I honestly tried, to clear my mind of preconceptions before he spoke on the subject. I prayed for God to guide me and to help me do His will rather than my own. I didn’t want to pre think what I should say or do if the pastor started advising people to take the jab, but the thoughts kept creeping in anyway. Things I was going to say.

I told my wife that we may have to walk out if the sermon went really bad, but I also said I would try and hear him out and I was thinking to myself that I would go and speak with him afterwards.

He started cagily. Trying to keep his Church united. This had been discussed with the Church elders, he said. They had long talks together. This in the end wasn’t just his opinion. It was now the official position of the Church.

He read Romans chapter 14 in full, which tells us not to judge the eating habits of different ethnic groups that have embraced Christ and the different days of the week they consider holy. The chapter is clearly addressing the issue of God’s instructions to the Israelites in the time of Moses and pointing out that such rituals of what to eat and not eat, when to pray and not pray are now superseded by the Salvation through Christ. (If you look at most of those eating instructions you will see that God’s purpose for giving them, is to save his chosen people from food poisoning and the word “clean” can be interchanged with the word “healthy”). Cherry picking verses of the Bible and applying them to subjects they were not written to address is a sin many church leaders have been guilty of, and I had the growing suspicion that the sermon would be based on respecting the choices of other Christians without judgement. But in regards to the directives to take the jab, it’s completely inappropriate. Still, I could deal with a cop out sermon. I thought, if that’s the message, then I can gradually work within the Church to tell them the truth and win over my brothers and sisters as I get to know them. I’ve only just moved into the area and this was my fourth visit to this Church. I prayed for my Pride not to lead me into arrogance. Give the man a chance, Stephen!

The Pastor then told of all of the things that we won’t be able to do soon without the vax and the vax passports. Travel, work, even coming to Church. Maybe the sermon was even going to Red Pill a little. Maybe I had been anxious over nothing. Fear only God. Have faith Stephen. Trust in Him. Let His will be done!

Then, after all the prep, up on the screen flashed the words the Church elders decided to agree upon:

  • CoVid is not a hoax.
  • It’s not a global conspiracy.
  • The vaccine is not the mark of the Beast.

Three lies. Probably told in ignorance, but outright falsehoods, nonetheless.

After just telling the congregation all the of things we won’t be able to do if we don’t get the jab, how can it not be the mark of the Beast? Revelations tells us that no man will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the Beast. Technology is patented under the number 060606 which will implant into your hand to track whether or not you have had the cloned cells of an aborted baby mixed with animal cells (don’t be surprised if they culture cells from a jackal) and messenger RNA (soon to be DNA “vaccines”) that mess with what it means to be human.

Yet you stand up there and tell the congregation that even though we won’t even be able to go to the grocery store without it, that this isn’t the mark of the Beast! What will be the mark of the Beast Pastor? If not this, what? And would you even recognise it or acknowledge it when it finally came?

Ah yes! The things I wish I’d said as I was walking away! The third conversation of the ego trinity!

What I actually did was stand up with my wife and walk to the exit. As I reached the back of the Church, I turned around and said something on the lines of, “You’re wrong! You can’t base the policy of the Church on a lie!” The second conversation. The least satisfying of the three and the one that I will likely agonise over for days to come.

My voice is loud. It boomed across the Church. People watching the live stream would have heard it. It will likely be on the recording.

Was it right? Was it wrong? Could I have done better? I don’t know. May God forgive me for any wrongs I have done today and help me see them and acknowledge them. But I know that not saying anything at all would have been a bigger sin. Christianity is the only faith that preaches telling the truth in all circumstances. That it is wrong to remain silent, when evil is occurring. Nice people, such as the pastor at this church and all of the congregation are susceptible to manipulation by evil, precisely because they are nice people. Nice people do bad things all the time. We all sin. But the only way to uncover the sins we are not aware of is for us all to speak out and hold each other accountable. The instruction to not judge others is not about keeping quiet. It is about not feeling superior to others whom we are called to critique. Everyone in the Church knows more about scripture than me. All of them have invested more time and been more dedicated to God than me. I am simply correct when it comes to the vaccines and it’s too important an issue to remain silent on. Even if it means I must now seek out a different Church. Undoubtedly I could have handled things better. Done things differently. Been more effective. But I could also have sat there and done nothing as the pastor used his platform and authority to tell falsehoods to a hundred plus people who hang on his every word.

I am saddened by today. The incident in Church gave me no pleasure at all. Only pain. But my feelings will recede. My hurts will heal. But the truth will remain. There are others in the congregation that also know that CoVid is a hoax and that the mark of the Beast is definitely a deliberate troll by the people who are pushing the vaccine passports and digital implants. They didn’t speak out today. They stayed silent. But they saw me stand up. They heard me speak out. They watched me walk out rather than be subjected to satanic lies spoken in ignorance from the pulpit.

I pray that whatever my failings today, that God will still use them to inspire others in the congregation to be effective where I was not.

I pray that you will read of my bumbling attempts to speak out and have the courage yourself to do the same. Truth before face. Honesty before etiquette. If you don’t speak out against a lie, at the very moment it is being told, then part of you will accept it as truth and for your consent. The longer you leave a lie unopposed the greater the power the lie has over you, the greater the power of the liar.

Satan is the Father of Lies. Jesus is the truth, the way and the light. Speak truth, oppose lies and trust in God to take care of the rest.

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