Domestic Terrorist is the new Nazi


Those of us on the right side of dissident politics and social commentary have been routinely labeled as Nazis for a couple of decades now. Nazi this, Nazi that; Nazi over there; Look – a Nazi! This was interspersed with other prerogatives such as racist, homophobe, misogynist, you get the drift. But Nazi was the foundation that underpinned it all.

The whole charade got so ridiculous that eventually it came to be known that someone had already lost an argument when they felt that they had to revert to holding up the Nazi card. In other words, the slur stopped working, if it had ever worked at all.

Because Nazis aren’t illegal. Neither are racists for that matter. Or misogynists. Being an anti-Semite is illegal in many European countries, however, so you have to pick your way around that one. Which just goes to show where the power bloc actually is. Oh, and don’t piss off the Muslims because they tend to react like a poked hornet’s nest if they feel that their religion has been slighted.

But being accused of being a Nazi? And? What does that even mean? Sure, if you’re a member of royalty and you dress up as an SS Stormtrooper at a party then you might find yourself in a spot of bother. But the Nazi boogeyman is quite blasé.

Or so we thought.

Because it turns out that using such an ad hominum in such an undefined way was merely a testing of the waters. A way to discover what worked, what didn’t work, but most importantly, how to manipulate public opinion via agencies such as the traditional media and the internet so as to isolate and gaslight people who might become a little uppity at the ever increasing attempts by the State to take over and control every inch of their lives.

We’re not Nazis anymore. Hardly anyone uses that old chestnut. No, the go to moniker is a little different, a little more sinister and a lot more effective. The label of choice for government departments everywhere to utilise as they arbitrarily see fit, is domestic terrorist. And a domestic terrorist, however loosely defined, is actually illegal. And can set domestic and international intelligence services on your tail. James Bond types, I imagine that they would imagine seeing themselves as.

American citizens who continue to dispute the results, not just of the last Federal election but also elections such as the one recently held for the gubernatorial of California, are being labeled as domestic terrorists. A bunch of them are still being held in solitary confinement after being individually rounded up at their homes and work after they participated in a rally in the capitol to protest the stolen Federal election. There have been no trials, no sentencing and for the most part not even charges laid. They are simply being held in a Kafkaesque limbo where part of the punishment is simply not knowing what you have been accused of.

The other group of concerned citizens who have recently been branded as domestic terrorists are parents who are banding together to dispute the Marxist takeover of their school boards, which now appear less to be school boards and more like show trial centers where ever more lunatic pronouncements are made in a cascading effect due to internal Marxist competition as to which board can be the most loony of them all. Fighting the extremists who are committed to your destruction gets you labeled as an extremist and an enemy of the state.

Those old Nazi days look positively nostalgic now. Remember back in the day when we could be edgy without being imprisoned? Good times, good times.

The main difference between then and now are the folks in the crosshairs. The dissident right is made up of fringe dwellers, non-conformists, conspiracy theorists and just plain weirdos. We’re used to copping flack from the enemy; we have thick skins. But those being labeled today as domestic terrorists are normies. Mums and dads, regular people who go to the game and like a beer or three, hell, even Boomers, (God help us). They’re copping the domestic terrorist rap and they’re confused. They think that in the eyes of the law that they’re good people. They’re not like those fringe dwelling crackpots on the far right. They’re regular people who are just concerned at the way their country is going.

And they are the ones being accused of being domestic terrorists; not us. Nobody has accused me of being a domestic terrorist and I’ve been poking the bear for years now. But stand up and accuse your school board of being Marxist thugs and the government swoops in faster than pigeons on newly arrived tourists exiting a coach. It’s a bit humbling; they’re not really worried about us, they know who and what we are. It’s the normies waking up that really has them worried. Cause there are a lot more normies out there than us fringe dwellers.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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