Daniel Andrews thinks BLACKMAIL is an Agreement


Let’s just say I arrested you, held you in a cell and guarded the cell with these guys.

Next I told you that it was to keep you safe, and if you wanted to be let out of the cell to work, make money and visit your grandmother, you had to inject what I told you is a vaccine but which data demonstrates is dangerous.

I then you that you have no choice in the matter, I am setting the conditions, this is what you must do to be free.

Would you call this an agreement, or blackmail?

Daniel Andrews appears to believe this constitutes an “agreement”:

“We have fundamentally a very important agreement with the Victorian community: You get vaccinated and we will open up.”

Andrews goes on to berate any Victorians who have appointments to be vaccinated that even though the state is “opening up”, they can’t shirk their side of the so-called bargain.

There is no need to analyse this deeply. Today, October 15, a mandate is now in place in across Victoria that all “authorised workers” must be vaccinated. If you are not, you cannot work on site. The government claims it is “opening up” the state due to the aforementioned ”agreement”.

It is nothing of the sort. It is blackmail and it is illegal.

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