Klaus Schwab rushed to hospital after fit of Maniacal Laughter


In breaking news, international supervillain Klaus Schwab has been rushed to a medical facility at his underground lair on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by sharks with laser beams on their heads.

It is believed he lost consciousness for about half an hour, and is currently being attended to by his squadron of bikini-clad supermodels with Ph.D’s in brain surgery.

XYZ News understands Schwab had just completed his new book, How instituted global communism in the 21st century by faking a pandemic before collapsing in a fit of hysterics. Then a piano fell on him. Then he fell down the stairs.

XYZ News has obtained exclusive footage of the incident:

This is Schwab’s third book, after The Great Reset and Build Back Better became bestseller’s amongst the global elite.

A bikini-clad French spokeswoman for Klaus Schwab told international news media they expect the philanthropist, to whom they commonly refer as “Daddy”, to make a full recovery in time for him to sacrifice a goat to baal next Tuesday.

It’s your XYZ.