White Genocide Is Ugly


Mark Collett of The Patriotic Alternative explains how the antiwhite establishment set up three African players to kick the winning goals for England to bolster their antiwhite propaganda but when all three Africans failed to kick a goal the establishment had to go into overdrive to salvage their propaganda opportunity.

Recently Ryan Gondoh, an overpaid African football player from Wealdstone FC filmed himself abusing a homeless child and kicking her coin cup over then poured water over her head. If this man would film himself doing this and then post it to YouTube for a laugh, just think how these people act when not filming?

A BLM activist thought it was very funny at the end of the video and was not ashamed to upload his ugly laughter.


Even the sickest depraved white antiwhite is disgusted by this attack and as the reality of White Genocide becomes more and more in your face our lost brothers and sisters are beginning to wake up.

White people make up just just 8% of the world’s population but every white majority country is being flooded by millions of nonwhites and assimilate with ‘Multicultural’ and ‘Diversity’ programs until white children go extinct for ever.

There will still be a billion Africans in Africa a billion Indians in India and 2 billion Asians in Asia.

‘Multiculturalism’ is just a code word for White Genocide.