The nationalist view of Covid

Prof. Carl Schmitt am Kamin in seinem Haus am Brockhauser Weg 10 in Plettenberg

The first thing to say about Covid is it’s a real thing. The fake Covid conspiracy theory is even more ridiculous than the fake moon landing conspiracy theory because it would require a lot more people to be secretly in on it. Pathogens have been around for our entire existence. We have co-evolved with them. A 5000 year old “plague” bacteria was sequenced only recently. Overall it’s fair to say they have been our friends and allies. The role of pathogens in helping Europeans conquer the world is well documented. This was made possible by Europe’s central role in the world. Pretty much everything that went around we caught. Although there was much suffering and death along the way the volk lived on and we are stronger as a result, which from a nationalist point of view is pretty much the definition of a good outcome. Our better pathogen resistance seems to be holding true for Covid as well with Europeans less effected.

Not only have pathogens helped us conquer the world but they have had a positive eugenic effect. Numerous pathogens produced high mortality rates which disproportionately affected the weak and the less intelligent. Europeans started “overcoming” this natural mechanism by 1800, and by the late 1900’s it had been mostly eliminated. This and other factors like contraception and welfare means our gene pool has been deteriorating ever since. (See: Dysgenics – Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations by Richard Lynn). Covid is insignificant in comparison to the pantheon of past pathogens. The plague for example wiped out around half the population in some areas. It’s insignificant not only because of its extremely low mortality rate, but also the age demographic of the people it affects means it will have little to no eugenic benefit. They are past reproductive age.

As soon as it was realised that Covid was not detrimental to the strategic future of the race a nationalist government should have allowed it to run its course. We should have allowed our population to gain natural immunity which makes us stronger. No lockdowns, no vaccines. Now the reverse of the past is happening. The third world is gaining natural immunity and we are being left susceptible. The negative economic effect we have seen is entirely an own goal. The virus itself has a net positive economic effect because the people affected are overwhelmingly already requiring long term medical care. The higher the Covid death rate the less the future medical and age care burden.

If the virus was a serious thing that threatened the strategic future of the race the correct nationalist response would make “Dictator Dan” look like an anarchist. All individual rights and freedoms are secondary to the collectives interests. The vast majority of anti-lockdown protestors are “muh-freedom” libertarian types. These are the exact same people that would be protesting nationalism if we were in power. We would therefore be throwing these people in internment camps, not just handing out fines. It should be obvious we’re going to have to violate a few “rights” especially in the case of non-whites if we are going to get our country back.

The legal and political theory underpinning national socialism can be found in the works of Carl Schmitt. He was a committed national socialist and critic of parliamentary democracy, liberalism, and cosmopolitanism. He published “The Leader Protects the Law (Der Führer schützt das Recht)”, a justification for the necessary “night of the long knives” purge with Hitler’s authority as the “highest form of administrative justice”. He also supported the removal of Jewish influence and ideas from society which again can only be done at the expense of individual rights.

For Schmitt, the political is reducible to the distinction between friend and enemy. A high functioning nation is by definition required to purge itself of this enemy which is working against the interests of the in-group. Even liberals get this to some degree which is why we are being “unfairly” targeted by the “counter terrorism” political police. The only difference is we would be honest in acknowledging the importance of our political police and they would be working for the interests of White Australia instead of against them. In national socialist Germany the gestapo filled the same role as Dan’s “counter terrorism” unit.

The national socialist then is the natural political enemy of the lockdown protester. The only thing we have in common is the very broad banner of anti-government. A banner we also share with anarchists, BLM and some factions of Antifa. Even if you take an entirely pragmatic view, the direction these protesters are heading in is removal of all Covid restrictions and therefore a recommencement of immigration. In 2020, just 3,300 migrants moved to Australia — a small fraction of the 244,000 arrivals the previous year. Needless to say most of these non-arrivals would have been mud people. In addition to this 13,750 places on its annual Refugee and Humanitarian Program, entirely mud people, have been unable to get in. And that’s just 2020! The Covid restrictions are a massive own-goal on the part of the systems replacement program. Claims that Covid restrictions are some anti-White plot are objectively nonsense. It’s the exact opposite of what they would prefer to be doing. It has exposed a fundamental weakness of individualist democratic governments in comparison to nationalist governments. The lockdowns themselves have also been beneficial in providing time and money to organise and train. Recruitment has clearly increased worldwide because people have more time available to discover the truth. It’s often a long intellectual journey for a normie which he simply doesn’t have time for normally.

The huge economic hit the system has taken is yet another benefit of Covid restrictions. The primary driver of the great replacement is unrestrained capitalism. Even communism was better for Whites than capitalism with much of Eastern Europe being less demographically and culturally damaged than the West. While Covid policy clearly hasn’t killed capitalism it is at least a punch in guts providing some breathing space. Economic deterioration is in our long term interests. The system will remain impregnable as long as it is economically strong. National socialists in Germany benefited greatly from economic downturn.

There’s no future in an alliance between white nationalists and anti-lockdown protesters because of fundamental ideological differences. The great Napoleon Bonaparte quote “never interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake” is true in the case of our government’s idiotic Covid policies. I also get some pleasure out of anti government protests but it’s a false dawn and therefore a waste of energy. We have to create our own dawn with a real chance of the sun actually rising.

Originally published at DNA Nationalism.