Stephen Wells’ Speech: Genocide is happening before our very eyes


Here is the speech given by Stephen Wells yesterday at the Worldwide Rally for Freedom, Perth. The transcript is below.

It has been 18 months since this farce began. 

18 months since they pushed this fake pandemic upon us

It has been 15 months since they first locked us down. 15 months since the red pilled amongst us first started pushing back. Since we began warning our friends and family. Since we began organising protests. Since we were first branded as criminals by the establishment. 

Still the agenda moves on. Still the sheep comply. Still the media is complicit. Still the puppet politicians and corrupt bureaucrats get away with mass murder and appear to be immune from consequences. The police brutalise us. The courts are bought and paid for. Our freedom is gone, our civilisation is crumbling and our bodily autonomy is ignored and trampled upon. 

What have we achieved, you may ask? What is the point? We can’t win! We have no power! They are wearing us down, inch by inch, day by day, bit by bit. They are chipping away until there is nothing left. No hope, no future, just a future of endless tyranny. 

In South Australia they have just forced hundreds of people to be quarantined in a medi hotel. Not because they were sick. Not because they even tested positive for a virus. But simply because they went to a place. The Government can now effectively kidnap anyone and place them in a prison against their will and no redress of false imprisonment is available. 

What’s the point of even living anymore!? Why not just end it all now? 

This is the question thousands of Australians have asked themselves over this last year. And thousands of them failed to find an answer and have taken their own lives. Around the world tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, have done the same. 

And if not destroyed by suicide, they have been murdered by centralised medical malpractice. Putting people with the flu on Ventilators with a 95% death rate so that hospitals could get the bonus from their government by diagnosing CoVid. Or the making of patent drugs such as Ivermectin illegal so that more elderly could die before pushing experimental injections that have killed at least tens of thousands around the world and injured millions more without saving a single person from being diagnosed with CoVid, spreading CoVid or dying with a diagnosis of CoVid. 

Genocide is happening before our very eyes and I know, I just know that all of you have felt defeated many times over the last 18 months.  Just as I have felt defeated. 

And yet…..


The bureaucrats, the politicians, the  elites. They think that they can win by subduing the sheep. They think that they can win by scaring the majority into compliance. By chipping away at the disgruntled until they either submit or take their own lives in despair. 

But we are here today to let these bastards know, that yes we may lose some of our brothers and Sisters. And yes, you may take our hope and fill out hearts with despair, but you still will lose in the end. 


Because every time you fill our hearts with despair, we soon find ourselves purged of it. We are filled to overflowing with truth and righteous anger that is instilled by almighty God himself! 

We do not need hope. Because we have Faith. Faith strengthens us, hardens us, forges us into an unstoppable force. They chip away at our emotions. They manipulate our feelings. They strip away our freedoms, destroy our livelihoods and extend their control on this Earth. But they cannot win in the end. 

Because the one thing they cannot control, what they can never control, is the resolve within our hearts. That sense of right and wrong. Good and evil. God and Satan. The more the evil spreads on the outside, the harder and more determined we become on the inside. 

History tells the same story time and time again. When all seems lost. When only a few remain, the tide begins to turn. 

Little by little, bit by bit, the seeds we plant take root. Slowly at first.

As the establishment piles on the rocks of oppression seeming to bury and crush all resistance, the roots of the truth we continue to tell, worms its way into the tiny cracks that their lies can’t conceal. 

You can’t see it yet. But, I promise you, that they can already feel it undermining them. The more rocks of oppression they pile on, the bigger the gaps for the roots of our resistance to grow. Then one day, when it appears that all you can see are the rocks of oppression that they have placed upon us, the tree of freedom will split it open and all their plans will crumble to dust. 

Because when push comes to shove, the enemy doesn’t believe its own lies. They have no conviction in what they are doing. None of them are prepared to sacrifice anything to defend their plans. 

We, on the other hand, we will never give up. Deep inside the heart of every sheep is the yearning to be a lion. 

Nobody. NOBODY admires self serving liars. 

Everybody, EVERYBODY admires people of conviction. The more the liars oppress us, the more everyday people will wish that they were us! 

Because we have truth on our side. We have righteousness on our side. 

And regardless of your religious beliefs, I am here to tell you, we have GOD ON OUR SIDE! 

It is ok that you sometimes lose hope. It’s ok that you sometimes despair. You are here. All of you here today, you are everything that personifies the human spirit. It ALWAYS triumphs over evil in the end. Keep speaking the truth. Keep fighting the good fight and God Bless you all. 

Thank you.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram.