May The Real Aussies please stand-up


Fuck the ABC

Its time for a campaign to reclaim “Aussie” from a leftist “street-artist” university-darling queer-theory-campagning douche-bag. Why have we seen these posters in every state of Australia, its inner-cities and also outer-suburbs? This is because Peter Drew gets $100,000s in funding from Marxist Government “arts bodies”, shady “philanthropy” from “NGOs” and free publicity from the ABC. They are being distributed and pasted up by the same people that distribute posters about the latest poisonous energy drink or cringe Morning FM Radio duos. And unfortunately advertising works.. So let’s do something about it. Many hands make light work!

Many hands make light work

Rip these posters down. Scratch their eyes out. Cross out the “Aussie” title. Deface them with some truth via your permanent-marker (or paint) … Or print some of your own Aussie posters with your own REAL AUSSIE HEROS on them to stick up.

If you get any interesting results, of both any improvements you have made (with texta etc) to the original leftrist propaganda posters … But also any photoshopped mock-ups you can come up with, send your photos in high resolution via private message to The XYZ at Twitter or in The XYZ Telegram chat. The mock-ups can then be shared, printed and pasted-up by anyone, as part of an open-source project for Aussies. Follow Australian Chauvinist Affair on telegram and cheers for their nice mock-up to get the ball rolling.

You can also watch the video below at The XYZ BitChute channel.

You can find Fuck the ABC at Telegram.