Courtesy of Fuck the ABC.

Fuck the ABC

This cringe Marxist “street-art” propaganda is propped-up by the Government. This middle-class artist receives grants, is paid to speak at libraries and gets many thousands of dollars free publicity for his art from the ABC who promote his propaganda. In short, this is establishment art, not real edgy graffiti.

If you see one of these illegally placed anti-white posters, cross it out and say its garbage. Even go and get the texta and come back.. Many people will see what you have done because its a public billboard.. I don’t see how its illegal graffiti to draw over the top of his paste-ups.. So cross out the “AUSSIE” bit and say how you feel. If this middle-class-mug wants to play the graffiti game, let him contend with how the working class feels. Maybe its time for a new paste-up campaign of our own.

You can find Fuck the ABC at Telegram.