Fuck the ABC

Maybe they don’t teach irony in university, but the placement of these Soros-styled open-borders propaganda posters right next to Centrelink (welfare office) is hilariously inept. During covid-19, people line-up on the street within view of these posters. Establishment stooge Peter Drew is part of the destruction of Australian identity as he brown-washes our history with this Government and “philanthropically” funded agitprop. Art has context and the placement of these posters near centrelink reminds us of the destruction of many European, American and Australian cities by mass-immigration

The ABC has backed Drew with lots of free coverage as he shares their neo-liberal great-ethnic-reset erasure of Australia and the west into a consumerist glob. This is not an organic or popular message, which is why such elitist “street art” tries to con us with a rustic presentation. This is corporate propaganda like any other advertising and funded by the same oligarchs.

You can find Fuck the ABC at Telegram.