It’s gonna be messy


The American Thinker contemplates what might happen if the election audit results go Trump’s way.

What then do the people do?  How then do the masses react to a probable fraudulent election?  Do the Patriots finally take to the streets for a “mostly peaceful protest” of the election?  Or do the Patriots say they have had enough of the election fraud and fake president, and it gets violent?  Does it become the Reds/Patriots versus Blues/Progressives on our streets?  What happens to America if?

It is looking more and more as if, no matter what, the military stays with Biden.  The military is looking more “woke” than the Berkeley campus as the military drives out Christians, conservatives, and constitutionalists.  The military is more concerned with fighting a nonexistent threat of global warming and a trickle of “white supremacy,” appearing unconcerned about a rising Chinese communist menace.

It will get violent because the left will not be able to back down. Their only choice and chance will be to double down and amplify. It will be a civil war, and it will be coast to coast and top to bottom, and it will most probably drag in Canada, Mexico and Cuba along with it. The left’s biggest move will be to take out Trump as early as they can. I assume that he knows this and has made his own preparations, and they know he knows and they have made counter … yada yada yada, you know how it goes.

What will be really interesting, however, will be the reaction of the rest of the world. What exactly happens when the self-appointed police kid on the block is suddenly AWOL with his pants around his ankles while he’s hitting himself in the face? Well, a few things might happen, though in what order they go down I could not even begin to guess.

Iran will make a move to finish off their takeover of the Arab states. Israel will use their bomb and it will be a gigantic shit show.

Russia will move to take the Bosphorus, not because they want it but because they cannot afford not to. This will cause things in Europe to go pear shaped and the EU will collapse in short order. More than likely, the Ukrainians will lose their minds and do something typically Ukrainian.

China will make their move in the South China Sea. The real question is how far they will go, or where they will stop. Resource rich Australia will be looking like a fine plum. The other question is whether they stay out of it when their loony little brother North Korea has a shot at their unfinished 1953 business with their cousins to the south.  Japan will conduct the fastest rearmament in the history of man.

India and Pakistan will try very hard to find reasons not to finish each other off. But we all know that they’re sufficiently stupid enough to press the trigger.

Anything I’ve left out? It’s gonna be a real shit show, boys.

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