Melbourne Lockdown is only about scaring us into taking the vaccine


In the days leading up to Melbourne’s fourth coronavirus lockdown the Lying Press launched a frenzy of stories about how Australians just weren’t taking the coronavirus seriously enough. They scolded us for not doing antisocial distancing properly and for not wearing our cuck muzzles on public transport.

An announcement that there would be a so-called “crackdown” on mask deniers sure fixed that.

You can smell the fear over the internet.

The big ones of course are coronavirus tests and the vaccine. Big Sister was not happy.

The government keeps announcing new plans to have the entire country fully vaccinated by a new, later date. The opposition and Lying Press then blame the government for not rolling the vaccine out fast enough but the real reason is that we simply don’t want to inject poison into our arms.

The Regime understands this, so it is holding Victorians hostage in our own homes to scare us into getting tested and taking the vaccine.

The more tests, the higher the numbers, which then justifies the government dragging this nonsense on indefinitely.

The lockdown scare tactic definitely worked. On Thursday 47,000 tests were done for 4 positive results. On Friday it was 56,624 tests 5 positives. That’s over 100,000 tests in two days for 9 positive results.

That means there needs to be less than a 0.0001% chance of error for those results to be reliable.

This is stupid.

The acting Victorian Premier made sure the cameras were there as he wore a T-shirt supporting a child rapist while he got a placebo.

It worked. On Friday there were 21,626 vaccine doses administered. Mission accomplished. There has been a correlation between vaccine uptake and increased positive coronavirus cases and deaths. Basically, they’re trying to kill you and depopulate the Earth.

Source: Stephen Wells triggers everyone.

It’s all true.

EDIT: Matty’s Modern Life points out on Telegram that it is also about extending the State of Emergency:

It’s also about extending the state of emergency that was coming to an end.

Go look up how long each one lasts and you can bet anything that the ruling class will magically find a few cases as they come to an end.

This lockdown is all about forcing us to take their poison and keeping the government’s power over our lives.

The ONLY solution is refusal to consent and ultimately removing ourselves from the Babylonian system.

If nobody consents they can’t do a thing, therefore since the state are actively working against the people, if you continue to wear a mask and take the vaccine then you are, by definition, a traitor to the people.

These lockdowns are never going to end. What is going on now will go on for the rest of our lives until enough people decide they either have nothing left to lose, or they are prepared to lose everything.