Zionism vs Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of Dvir Abramovich


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On February 8, 1920 in the Illustrated Sunday Herald Winston Churchill wrote an article entitled ‘Zionism vs Bolshevism a Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish people’ in which he claimed Jews were responsible for the communist revolutions across Europe in the early 20th century along with the associated subversion and undermining of nations because they viewed eliminating national borders necessary for global equality. But! We need not fear because the international Jews are being fought by Zionists, nationalistic Jews who recognise a people need a national home if they are to have self-determination.

Well, a century later this struggle remains unresolved on the other side of the world among the Jews and Jewish organisations associated with the Anti Defamation Commission. From it’s dimwitted chair Dvir Abramovich to the dodgy as fuck international organisation which started the ADC to its slimy paymaster, the richest man in Victoria John Gandel, none of them can seem to decide whether they want to undermine nations or promote Zionism. Let’s have a look at these Jews and see what’s really going on here.

B’nai B’rith

The Anti Defamation Commission was created in 1979 by an international Jewish secret society named B’nai B’rith which itself was founded in New York in 1843 and modeled on Freemasonry. B’nai B’rith means Sons of the Covenant, or literally Sons of Circumcision.

In 2019 B’nai B’rith decided to disassociate itself from the Anti Defamation Commission and the organisation had to drop B’nai B’rith from it’s name (probably because of Dvir) and the ADC became more associated with the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, but it really matters little as these organisations are all housed together at the Beth Weizmann Jewish Community Centre in Caulfield. Strangely the only location in the area with Google street view disabled.

From claims it was involved in funneling guns to anti-Czarist insurrectionists prior to the first Russian Revolution to claims that Jewish War Secretary of the American Confederacy Judah P. Benjamin was a leading member of B’nai B’rith who set up the KKK with notorious mason Albert Pike, to say this organisation is mired in controversy is a bit of an understatement.

It’s own history boasts that this rootless international organisation was used as a vehicle by Chaim Weizmann to lobby support for the creation of the Zionist state of Israel itself:

Weizmann intended to garner support for Zionism from the inside, through his affiliation with a respected philanthropic organization like B’nai B’rith.

Promising the Jews Palestine was considered something worthwhile because, from the same paragraph:

Agreeing with Weizmann was David Lloyd George, England’s prime minster after December 1916. A devout Christian who believed a Jewish Palestine was biblically ordained, he was also convinced that Jews controlled the world’s finances and had the power to induce Russia and America to support Britain in the war.

When the later US president Harry S. Truman signed the de jure recognition of the Zionist state on January 31, 1949 he was accompanied by B’nai B’rith president Frank Goldman and his best friend and former business partner B’nai B’rith member Edward Jacobson with Jacobson having persuaded him to meet with Chaim Weizmann regarding the issue in the first place.

The advocacy of its Victorian lodge today involves:

  • Demanding Australia sanction Iran for Israel
  • Recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the Australian embassy there
  • Demanding censorship of Australians who oppose multiculturalism
  • Making it easier for illegal immigrants to enter Australia

Presumably these are the sort of Zionist Jews Churchill was talking about considering they had a hand in creating Israel and seem to be advocating in Israel’s interests but what’s with the anti-nationalist advocacy in the case of Australia? This marks the beginning of a trend we will see among the Jews associated with the Anti Defamation Commission.

Leo Frank and The Anti Defamation League

In late September 1913 B’nai B’rith found itself courting controversy yet again. You see it’s Atlanta president at the time, Leo Frank, was a pedophile rapist and murderer who had just been convicted for the rape and murder of a 13 year old girl.

As a result of this B’nai B’rith decided the best thing to do was to form a militant advocacy group to pin the crime on a black guy called Jim Conley and say the only reason people thought Leo Frank was the murderer was antisemitism.

And so the Anti Defamation League, the United States based organisation the ADC was modeled on, was born.

The ADL provided a simple service, Jews gave them funding and they would loudly defame anyone who criticises those Jews as antisemites regardless of what the Jews in question did. This was reflected when they gave their Torch of Liberty Award to Jewish gangster Moe Dalitz in 1982 who is said to have been a donor along with other unsavory Jews like gambling crook Arnold Rothstein.

This was later expanded to partisan support for Israel coupled with constant fearmongering within the Jewish community about antisemitism in order to get more funding ‘to stop it’. A movie produced in 2009 named Defamation by Israeli movie producer Yoav Shamir examined the veracity of their claims about antisemitism and found them basically to be pure bullshit.

The main reason people hear about the ADL today is when someone accidentally uses one of the seemingly unending numbers and symbols they have designated as ‘hate symbols’ leading to that person being defamed as some stripe of extremist.

As for whether they are Internationalists or Zionists:

The Anti Defamation Commission

Given how successful the Victorian B’nai B’rith lodge considered the ADL as a political weapon they decided to create the same thing in Australia and that’s how we were blessed with the ADC.

The ADC doesn’t have the budget or staff of the ADL and usually only has one or two actual paid staff members. Dvir Abramovich is the most recent chair of the organisation (really it’s just him sitting in the office alone like a nerd) previous chairs of the organisation include Danny Ben Moshe, Grahame Leonard, Tony Levy and Deborah Stone.

Danny Ben Moshe is currently working on a documentary called ‘Revenge: My Dad the Nazi Killer’ where he glorifies the extra judicial murder of “Nazis” in Australia. I’m sure this documentary isn’t intended to encourage and justify the recent “punch a Nazi (and right wingers are all Nazis)” stance of left wing domestic terror organisations like Antifa, who according to Victorian Police are seeking “to justify the use of violence to promote civil unrest and target perceived enemy groups”.

This stands in contrast to Tony Levy and Deborah Stone’s campaign of harassment against Left wing independent news site New Matilda for covering Israel’s genocide of Palestinians where their argument essentially boiled down to “antisemitic attacks” are on the rise in Australia and some of those “attacks” (usually it’s just insulting posts on social media) might be caused by people knowing about all the violence Jews are carrying out in Israel – therefore New Matilda are inciting antisemitic attacks by reporting on it.

As for Dvir himself, well asides from constantly attacking Australian nationalists for not wanting to be replaced in their own country he’s written a book called Flashpoints in which he attacks anti-Zionists and BDS advocates, tries to drum up support for convicted Jewish spy Jonathon Pollard and states people shouldn’t:

‘bother trying to work out whether I am left, right, centre or whatever label you tag me with. If you try, you’ll be left dazed and confused because I don’t fit neatly into any category’

This sort of inconsistency led Michael Brull to state in an article for The Drum:

The ADC is not an anti-racist group. It is a group that aims to peddle Israeli propaganda. Presumably, they think they might lose some of their credibility if they called themselves the ‘Pro-Defamation Commission That Supports the Israeli Government in Whatever it Does and Thinks Anyone Who Disagrees Exhibits Prejudice and Causes Anti-Semitism’.

Well the ADC insists it is an anti-racist group.. when we’re talking about Australia. In that case any nationalism or defense of the ethnic interests of white Australians is something that’s racist, any criticism of Jews no matter how legitimate is racist and that’s just beyond the pale.

But in the case of Israel a Jewish nation; in that case right-wing ethnic nationalism and the ethnic interests of Jews must be aggressively promoted, even to the point of the genocide of Palestinians. In fact in that case it’s criticising their racially motivated violence that’s beyond the pale.

Donors to the Anti Defamation Commission

While they don’t have access to the Wall St Jews of New York like the ADL, the ADC still pulls around $600k per annum in donations. Their donors are listed on their website.

Notable are Antler Luggage aka Cache Group, by which they are referring to the managing director of its Australian branch, electrocuted horse enthusiast Sonney Roth and Gandel Philanthropy, by which they are referring to Victoria’s richest man by over $1bn John Gandel, who we’re going to need to talk about some more.

John Gandel, the Mr Big of Victorian Jewry

Imagine for a moment that you’re the richest person in Victoria, you’re worth $3.5 billion with the second richest person only being worth $2.2 billion and you live in a multimillion dollar Toorak mansion that looks like this:

Stop oppressing the owner of this from your rented apartment.

On top of that, let’s throw in owning this estate on the Mornington Peninsula which includes a restaurant, sculpture park and another multi million dollar mansion on the coast as a holiday home:

White supremacy held John Gandel back from building a helipad on the roof of his holiday home.

Would you feel like you’ve had great opportunities in Australia and that Australians are a great bunch of people or;

Would you think they should have their right to free speech curtailed and need to be racially vilified and indoctrinated into hating themselves as children?

If the latter better fits you might be John Gandel the guy Gandel Philanthropy is named after. The link between Gandel Philanthropy and the Anti Defamation Commission is quite obvious due to the yearly ‘Gandel Oration’ which the ADC hosts featuring speakers such as bloodthirsty pro-Zionist psychopath John Bolton:

Gandel Philanthropy’s website lists its grants recipients which include the Anti Defamation Commission and it’s ‘Click against Hate’ indoctrination program that teaches white children to hate themselves and non-white children to be aggrieved with white people.

You can also see he is quite big on Holocaust education, running the Gandel Holocaust Studies Program For Australian Educators to send people to Israel where they are trained in Holocaust propaganda with the view that they return to Australia and indoctrinate children, which is exactly what he is partnered with the Victorian government to do.

You may have wondered why the Holocaust is taught in schools given that it pushes the overton window to the left and uses imagery of dead bodies to traumatise white children into associating advocacy for their own interests with genocide while material which might balance that out such as teaching about the Holodomor or the deaths in gulags as outlined in Alexander Solzhenitzen’s Gulag Archipelago is not. Well is there some billionaire Jew financing and lobbying for the latter? No there isn’t. That’s why.

Turns out he’s also a keen supporter of Australian politics.. on both sides. You can see from the Australian Electoral Commission’s Transparency Register that he makes some nice donations to both the Federal Liberal party and the Victorian state Liberal and Labor Party.

So if you found it unusual that a gormless pointdexter like Dvir Abramovich is consistently able to convince supposedly right wing immigration ministers to ban people like Gavin McInnes or David Icke from the country, now you know why they listened. Access and influence was paid for by John Gandel.

Asides from all this demonisation of nationalism and solidarity among Australians Gandel is also a big fan of .. Zionism. He’s a donor to the Zionist Federation of Australia, the Taglit-Birthright program and is such a fan of far right governance of Israel he was short listed as someone to approach for donations by the 2007 Likud campaign along with other major Zionists like Sheldon Adelson.

Zionism or Bolshevism? Why not both?

You’ve probably guessed by now that there’s not really a struggle at all. Right-wing ethno-nationalism for the Zionist state of Israel is in the ethnic interests of Jews so they promote it. Left-wing undermining of nationalism and promoting internationalism in the case of any other nation is.. in the ethnic interests of Jews so they promote it.

There really is no principled antiracism or nationalism here, only ethnic competition and aggression against other ethnic groups. Identity politics. In fact the oldest form of identity politics. The identity politics of “God’s chosen people”.

Originally published at The Centre Party on April 10, 2021.