Exposed: The Fake Physics behind the Global Warming Scam


It’s worth reminding ourselves that the same people who are pushing GoyVid, haven’t stopped pushing Globull Warming.


As with the pseudoscience of virology, the pseudoscience of the Greenhouse Effect is fundamentally wrong right at its foundations. There are physicists who know this and I highly recommend everyone attempt to understand Joseph Postma’s various attempts to enlighten the world as to why. You can see from this article that he’s not just appealing to your feelings. He has full mathematical proofs to back up what common sense already tells us.

I wrote my first book as an attempt to bridge the gap between the actual scientists and their geek speak and regular people who didn’t pay much attention to physics in school or never took the subject.

Let’s do the same briefly here with this article.

First, it’s vital to realise that the public perception of what the Greenhouse Effect is supposed to be, is completely different from what University courses say it is. The public thinks of it like insulation, heat loss being slowed. But the (fake) physics describes something else entirely. It describes the colder atmosphere sending energy to the warmer surface and the energy from a cold object causing the hotter object to become even hotter. If you imagine standing inside an igloo with no clothes on, you can think of the igloo being warmer than outside because your body heat only has to warm a small amount of air inside the igloo, rather than the air of the entire North Pole. What you don’t think is that your core temperature will increase from 37C to 40C, because of the energy that is absorbed from you by the ice will send half of your own energy back to you, and result in you getting a fever! But that is what the Greenhouse Effect fake physic proposes about the atmosphere.

So all Postma is actually doing in this article is showing what the correct physics should be when calculating what the potential of radiation is to warm something up. There is a term in the equations for heat. That is the letter Q. Heat in physics is defined as the difference in temperature between two objects. If two objects have the same temperature then there is no heat transfer between them. Energy still swaps back and forth between them, but neither heats the other. Globull Warming fake physics on the other hand, treats all energy as heat. Cold objects are allowed to add heat to warmer ones. They add the energy of both together to create higher and higher temperatures, instead of subtracting the energy of the cooler object from the warmer one to find out how much heat transfer is occurring.

Postma goes through laborious detail in this article to point this out, citing every relevant equation to debunk the full scenario of what the fake Greenhouse Effect proposes. A proposal that anyone with basic common sense should reject just on the basis of the proposition itself.

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