Watch out for Christian Extremists


As I mentioned Monday night, the only reason there isn’t a state effort to crack down on Christians is because most are cucked cowards who go to churches with weak “positive only” pastors.

Right now the oligarchy are focusing heavily on National Socialist groups, or similar, because they are becoming more prevalent and they make an easy boogieman, but this is just the most prudent tactic for them in the moment.

Make no mistake, if and when Christians start to read their Bible again, when preachers start preaching the whole thing without censoring themselves and people start flocking to their churches (because it’s far more valuable and interesting than positive only trash), the state will quickly turn its focus to “Christian extremists”.

Even more when Christians realise that Biblical law actually commands ethnic separation, therefore multicultural “diversity” is both an abomination and a punishment from God.

When this happens you can expect churches to be raided and pastors to start being accused of “terrorism” because nothing represents a greater threat to the jews than bold, ethnically conscious Bible believing Christians.

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