How jewish banking controls the world with usury


Before there was Jewish CoVid, Jewish Global Warming, Jewish false flag terrorist attacks and Jewish Bolshevism, there was Jewish banking. (Yes, I know, not just the powerful Jewish Elite have engaged in all of these things or are currently engaged in them, but Jews generally find their movers and shakers of their community both originating the practice and/or being grossly over represented in continuing the practice of all the parasitic activities of this world.)

As modern banking has had centuries to invent its various mechanisms for theft and just as long to obscure what it is doing through complexity and sophistry, it can be hard for most people to actually understand where the crimes actually are occurring.

Let us focus on just one trick which we have allowed to become legal and acceptable, the creation of “new money”.

Imagine you want to buy a house. You go to the bank and ask to borrow some money. They look at your income and agree to lend you $500,000 at 3% interest per year and you sign a contract to repay the loan over 25 years.

Is this a fair deal? Maybe it would be or could be if they were actually lending you money. But they aren’t. They aren’t lending you anything other than an illusion of money. What happens is that the bank simply opens a separate account, called your mortgage account and types in a debt of $500,000. Then it types $500,000 credit into your regular account. Plus $500,000 in one account, minus $500,000 in another account. Total money = ZERO! They haven’t lent you anything. They didn’t have anything to lend you. All you have been given is an accounting trick that everyone in society will accept as money. In return for this accounting trick, the bank owns the deeds to the house you just bought until you have given them back their fake money, plus all the interest owing on it!

Now when this scam first began hundreds of years ago, this trick could be exposed if people asked for physical Gold or Silver from the Banks. The original scam began because people wouldn’t want to travel with lots of precious metals on them in case they were robbed on their journey. So when a bank customer wanted to buy something, instead of the bank giving them Gold they would give them a promissory note that could be exchanged for Gold at any branch where the bank (usually a Jewish family spread around Europe) was set up. Things worked fine until people didn’t cash in their notes but simply traded them as if they were actual Gold coins themselves. This then allowed the bankers to realise that they didn’t need to have any actual gold to issue these notes. As long as the notes weren’t cashed in, they could charge for the service of issuing notes without actually having anything to back them up with. Not only that, but they could also lend money they didn’t have and charge interest on the loan.

The problem, of course, is what happens if enough people decide that they want their Gold at the same time? This is where we get the term “bankruptcy” from. It used to result in jail. Now they just get bailed out by Government.

To reduce the risk of a run on a bank, the next scam is that when you take out a loan of fake money, the bank gets ownership of whatever you have borrowed money to buy. So you have a mortgage on your house. If the bank has too many people wanting their money at once, or if you can’t repay the fake loan, they get the house. As long as what they can sell your house for, is more than the money people want to withdraw from them, they stay solvent. This is why non secured loans, such as credit cards have such high interest rates. It’s got nothing to do with you not being able to repay. Remember, the money they handed out doesn’t exist. It’s to make sure that fake money is coming back into their balance sheets before anyone wants to withdraw the real stuff.

Now all of this was bad enough when real money was based on precious metals. But since 1973 money has been based on pieces of paper printed by Governments. Now, if there is a run on a bank, the Government bails out banks by simply printing more.

But this still gives our bankers the problem of people seeing this fraud take place.

Worst of all, even Governments are printing their money via a loan from a Bank. This is ultimately what the privately owned Federal reserve is. Just like you borrowing fake money from a bank for your mortgage, the same scam is being played on National Governments. One $trillion owed in one account and one $trillion “given” in another account which has an interest bill on it and a contract giving ownership of your Nation to Jews and Jew wannabes, in return for permission for Governments to print “cash”.

This is why inflation MUST occur. Every dollar, pound and shekel in existence today has been loaned into existence from nothing. A trillion trillion showing as a debt in one account owing interest and a trillion trillion credit in another account that we use to buy and sell real goods and services.

How do you pay the interest? There are only two ways to do so. You either give the people who gave us all the fake money, the goods, services and assets that are in existence, or you borrow more fake money into existence to pay the interest on the fake money you previously borrowed. Controlling assets is much less of a headache than physically possessing them, so, unless some political goal (such as a “Great Reset”) is desired inflation through lending more and more fake money into existence to cover interest payments is the preferred option.

And this is one of the reasons they want to get rid of cash. Controlling Governments indirectly is a bit of a chore. Much easier to let all money be truly fake and digital rather than keep up the facade that we are dealing with anything tangible anymore. It also means you wont be able to hoard paper and cause temporary disruptions to their parasitism. Obviously, being able to dictate who is allowed to have their money and do anything in this life is a huge turn on for them as well.

Jewish elites are the largest sub group of Satanists. They are not the only group. Many red pilled among us have pointed out that there are non Jews such as the UK Royal Family or the Vatican or other non Jewish families who are complicit in the enslavement of mankind. But the Jewish Elite are worth singling out, because they are the only group where it is expressly forbidden to criticise them. This should give you a good insight into where they place in the grand scheme of things.

We have learned what we should and shouldn’t do directly or indirectly from the Bible. Regardless of whether or not you identify as a Christian, if you grew up in the West, the Bible is the source of your moral code. The Jews were the first group in the West to reject that moral code. They are not simply rejectors of Christ, they reject the Old Testament as well. Usury is forbidden in the Bible. As much in the Old Testament as the new. Jews were the first to defy that rule. The first to become rich in the West by their defiance. Other individuals, families or groups that are not Jewish have simply seen what the Jews did and decided they wanted to join them and get in on the action. Ultimately, they all serve Satan. They all explicitly reject God and God’s commandments and become Satan worshipers by default.

But we will keep naming the Jews regardless. Their over representation in all works of evil can’t be ignored and their practice of usury and then dominance in the world of banking is where a non spiritual and tangible mistrust of them as a group first begins.

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